Living Arrows 10/52 Pyjama Day & Rainbows

Last week was quite a busy one.  On Tuesday we had Pancake Tuesday. The kids ate one pancake each in creche but I also made a batch at home. Normally they don’t have dinner when they come home from creche and just have a small snack but this was an exception. Actually Fridays they get something lately as well because their tea in creche is always just soup and bread which means I treat them to something else.

Social Media was full of World Book Day the following day. Our creche didn’t take part in this. I think this is mainly done in schools to be honest. Maybe we can experience this next year when Matthew is going to big school. Instead on Friday we had National Pyjama Day in aid of Early Childhood Ireland.  Both kids were sent off in their pyjamas. Chloe wore pyjamas for the very first time. Up until now she was still in her sleepsuits which are size 18-24 months but I think she will be soon out of those too. For the last few nights she has been giving out about the feet on the sleepsuits end. She has enough space but I think she much prefers pyjamas now. I am just afraid she will get cold feet. Then again we wear no socks either.

On Saturday we spent the afternoon at the kids cousin’s house.  Matthew wasn’t too much of a fan first “going to somebody’s elses house” in his own words, but once he was there, he was delighted to play with his best friend Cormac. To get to Bray, we have to take the super fast road, as Matthew calls it and that’s what got him excited. Once we arrived, there was pancakes for the kids and pasta bake and apple pie for the adults. Chloe had her nap in the car so she was glued to me the first half an hour. She brighten up then though and played with some toys, ran around and played a game with cousin Rory. I didn’t get to take any photos. Too busy talking away etc. On the way home Matthew had a nap and Chloe kept saying “Matthew” in her own voice, pointing out he is asleep.

Sunday was  more of a lazy day then. It involved making dinner for the evening time, playing, drawing, hiding and so on. In the morning I went off to Woodies to pick up a new table lamp for our hall way. It’s so much cosier looking now. We also needed to replace a bulb in the floor lamp standing in the living room.  Daddy was playing tennis in the afternoon while Matthew and I watched Lady and the Tramp and Chloe had her afternoon nap.

Matthew also enjoyed drawing some rainbows and a family. This is him in his element. I think there is a reason why we have a wipeable table cloth in the kitchen. Even then it is difficult sometimes to get it out.

Have you been doing anything nice the past week?

18 thoughts on “Living Arrows 10/52 Pyjama Day & Rainbows

  1. She hasnt been in PJs since the PJ day ha. I feel more comfortable putting her in sleepsuits.
    We had a grey tablecloth before and I thought the kitchen deserved some colour. x

  2. I love your tablecloth – so happy and bright! Your daughter looks so grown up in PJs, such a big milestone moving from sleepsuits x

  3. Ahh we love a pyjama day, we call them J-days and we tend to have them fairly often ahah I guess that’s the benefit of having two children still at home! X

  4. It doesnt seem to last that long though because Matthew thinks its ok to pull at it and then there is a hole but I bought backup. x

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