Living Arrows 11/52 American Dining & Fresh Air

Last weekend was all go go go. It started off with a nice breakfast with some freshly made croissants in the oven. We then planned on bringing Chloe to Kiddis Cut to get her hair tidied up a bit. That didn’t happen in the end though. Instead we all had lunch together at home, Chloe went fora nap and me and Matthew watched the first Tranformers movie. He loves Transformers at the moment but because this is with “real people”he wasn’t interested too much. He much prefers the cartoon versions.

In the afternoon we got ready to go to an American diner which is about 20 minutes from our house off the motorway. It’s called Joels and very popular with families. The dinner was meant to be for daddy’s birthday celebration from the previous day. Matthew enjoyed a beef burger and chips while Chloe had mash and chicken tenders. I don’t even know why I bother ordering that because she never eats the chicken. You could give her a whole bowl of mash and gravy and she’d be happy. I don’t think she likes the idea of chewing meat. Even at the age of two.

Sunday started off with lovely sunshine. I have to admit the weather does affect my mood. As it was sunny I wanted to get out of the house. Last minute I decided we are going to the local park. We haven’t been at all since we moved here and it has  been on our list. To say the park is huge is an understatement. We walked around it and even Chloe had a little walk holding my hand. She loved it. We then went to the playground and the kids ran off some energy.

The afternoon we met up with one of hubby’s tennis friends, his wife and his kids. The weather was alright. We did catch a shower at one point but that didn’t stop the boys from digging more in the sand. Chloe was more relaxed and was looking around in her buggy. She also had a go on the seesaw with me.

The coming weekend is going to be a busy one as it’s St. Patrick’s Day on Friday and we have friends coming over as well as the kids granddad. It will be jam packed.

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