Me and Mine {March} 2017

Another month of the year has passed. We are heading into April tomorrow. Crazy how we are into the fourth month of the year. I find if you made plans all the time, it passes even quicker. Since we moved, we are trying to make plans for every weekend. So far we are booked until May. It’s working out great this move. A few days the clock has changed which means we are getting one more hour of brightness. As we enter Spring, Summer will be soon on the door step and it won’t be dark until 11pm. I can’t wait for that. Hopefully we will get a decent summer this year. It is a hit and miss in Ireland

March was filled with a lot of fun weekends with the kids. Most weekends the weather was holding up and we were able to go out and about, for example the local playground which we discovered on a walk around the area.

This month family photo was taken outside in the garden last weekend while we were having our lunch. It could have been better but you probably know how difficult it can be to take photos of the kids and get them not to move.

Daddy was loving:

  • Spending time with the kid
  • Playing tennis
  • New Samsung VR headset
  • Going to a rugby game with his dad
  • Spending time with his own dad

Mammy was loving:

  • Spending time with just Matthew for a day
  • Catch up with work colleagues in the other office
  • Her first Raclette
  • A tennis session in  the dome
  • Two days off going shopping

Matthew was loving:

  • Adding a new Transformers Rescue Bots to his collection because he slept in his own bed
  • Going to a pottery and paint a tile with one of the Transformers (Can you tell he is obsessed with it at the moment?)
  • Playing with cousin Cormac
  • Going to the zoo
  • Having a “blue drink” in TGI Friday’s
  • Playing mini golf with godfather
  • A treat dinner from McDonald’s

Chloe was loving:

  • Spending nearly a whole day outside in the garden playing (She loves outside)
  • A wind up chick I picked in Tesco the other day
  • Plain pasta with melted butter in TGI Friday’s for dinner
  • All the animals in the zoo
  • Moving from sleepsuits to pyjamas (Big girl now)
  • The local playground

The Me and Mine Project

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  1. It’s been amazing to have good weather and get outside more with the family isn’t it? May it long last! Lovely family snaps this month. Hope April is kind to us all too. #meandmineproject

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