Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

This weekend, Sunday in fact, is the day where us mums celebrate. Mother’s Day is only five days away. I know, I know, some of you might say “it’s all a money making game” and yes you are right. But you also have to see it another way. Us mums are “working” 24/7, providing for the family, looking after the little ones, cleaning, cooking, etc. This day is dedicated to be pampered.

I have created my own Mother’s Day gift guide which includes things that I’d like to get or do on a day like this. This year though  I decided to spend a day with my eldest. Just him and I. We are going to a pottery. I’d say he’s going to love it  he loves colouring in and so I can only imagine he likes painting too.

Spa treatment 

Every woman is into different spa treatments. Personally I would prefer a massage session. Sitting on the chair five days a week looking at a computer made my neck stiff and I probably should sit a different way. Easy said than done.

Afternoon Tea 

People who have followed my blog, know that I am big into afternoon tea. A friend of mine and I attend different places for afternoon tea every other month. The last one was Killashee House in February. I am planning to do another one next weekend with the sister in law.

Hairdresser voucher

I haven’t been to the hairdresser in well over a year. My hair starting to annoy me now and it needs tidying up. I want my layers back and a proper fringe. Right now it’s held up with lots of hairspray which isn’t great. A voucher and two hours off mummy duty could sort this easily.

Selfish Mother Jumper

I have always wanted a jumper like this. Everyone seems to have one. Every time I try to buy the one I was eyeing, it was sold out. Now that it’s getting warmer, a jumper with 3/4 sleeves would be better. Even in the winter time I much prefer those sort of sleeves for some reason.


I am not the biggest jewellery fan but I do like earrings or studs. I used to wear more rings too but then I found out my skin reacts to certain material. It’s the same for earrings actually. I really loved this set from Ted Baker with a set of two studs. It can be purchased from Amara.  They have beautiful stuff.


Who doesn’t like a bunch of fresh flowers sitting in the middle of the kitchen table. Or even on the counter top. Inter Flora have some gorgeous flowers on their website.

Dinner for Two 

Mother’s Day can also be couple time. Book a babysitter, then book a table for a romantic dinner in a nearby restaurant.

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  1. What a lovely selection I’d live afternoon tea and a spa treatment. The selfish mother jumper has been on my wishlist for awhile now too.

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