Welcome – New Members of the Family

Sorry guys, but I am a bit behind with the entries lately. The first thing i wanted to tell you was Missy got her kittens!

We came back last Monday night and she must have had them that night. Anyway when I was on lunch the following day, she came over and brought one of the kittens with her. Sooo cute! She must be trusting us. At the end of the day when I finished work I went into the shed and there was Missy with 4 kittens!


They are probably about a week old now. Gaining their weight, drinking milk from mummy. So they are healthy kittens. They haven’t opened their eyes yet but should be happening tomorrow or Tuesday I’d say.

Missy is always by their side and barely leaves them. I do leave her out for a bit to get some air and walk around in the garden. Other than that the shed door needs to be closed as random cats, plus the kittens father, walk into our garden and no one should really touch them.

I keep you up to date when they open their eyes and stuff like that.

Breaking News!!!

We all kind of knew it anyway but yesterday afternoon we got a definite confirmation.

We brought Missy to the vet to see if she is really pregnant or if something else is wrong with her… Turns out she is heavily pregnant as the vet described it.
She was very brave in the vet I have to say. She would usually run away but when her little belly was shaved to get a scan done she was a good girl! Smile

It was quite weird to see these 2 little spines in here tummy. So she will definitely have 2 kittens. Probably more because with cats you can never tell how many they will have in the end.

The vet was saying that she is due in less than 2 weeks. I just hope that she doesn’t get the kittens while we are away… She has to hold on! Smile


Today I had to find out that the dress I bought back in Jan/Febr no longer fits anymore which means I can’t wear it for the wedding at the weekend. So tomorrow I have to go wedding hunting again. Shouldn’t be a problem though I think.

We are heading down to Dublin on Tuesday night to fly out to Germany the Wednesday morning at 7am. Hate early starts but what can you do.
That will be my next entry I am blogging about then Iguess.


Easter Holidays in Germany


Dermot and me were in Germany in “Schoene Stadt” for a few days.

We arrived on Friday 22nd April and then headed by train to Waren as you can see below. lol


Train to Waren(Mueritz)

Saturday I went to the hairdresser early in the morning and collected the car I rented after. I got an VW Polo which I was happy with because I am driving the same one here in Ireland as well. Smile


Me and my beloved car Smile

Then we drove to Klink and spent a lovely day there walking to the castle and stuff. Some people were crazy enough and went into the “Mueritz” for a swim.

In the evening time I met my old friends Sabrina and Julia. Sabrina’s boyfriend Andre was there as well. We all went to Mr. Bob and had a few drinks.
It was a funny round. Best bit was where we all had to drink “Ahoi Vodka”. You take this powder in your mouth, say “"Ahoi” and down the vodka. lol

I don’t know what time we left but we went to the next pub after. We weren’t there for too long though because they closed at around 2am. I didn’t even think we would last that long. HA!


Julia building tower


My master piece Open-mouthed smile

When the pub closed we decided to walk Julia home. On the way we discovered a park with a thing to climb. Children we are. lol



A photo of our old secondary school can’t be missing! Smile

Sunday – My mum, Dermot and me went to “ Bollewick”. There was an Easter market. Something else to do. Parking was 50 Cent whicht wasn’t too bad but the admission for one person was EUR 6. We went anyways because it is something that you only do once.


Easter Tree Bunny


I thought this egg was kinda hilarious. You could paint one yourself. The had all sorts of things like gnom, cats, etc

Entertainment was more for the older generation but it was good anyways. We had a “Bratwurscht” and left after 2 hours I think it was.
We took a little trip to “Goehren Lebbin” also and had a look at the park with different amusement. Back home after.

Monday – My mum decided to go to this place where they have a 800 metre slide and a monkey forest. We drove there at around lunch time.


The Slide


YAYYYYY! Open-mouthed smile

We bought a ticket to have 3 rides on it because I knew when I am doing it once I want to do it again. Smile
So after the first ride we decided to buy our tickets for the monkey forest.




Me and the monkey Smile with tongue out


Dermot and the money Open-mouthed smile

After that we went onto our slide again… twice! Smile Great fun! Red heart

Tuesday – Went to visit my granny again because it was the last day I had the car. Then we went to do a bit if shopping like shoes and stuff.
In the evening time we went to “U Nautic” restaurant and the centre of town. Dermot loves that restaurant. We had dinner there last year as well.
I had yummy steak and I ate it all! Smile Usually I always leave food on the plate… in this case not! Probably because it is German food and you don’t eat that every day! lol


Prove! Open-mouthed smile


Mummy and me! Smile


Dermot and me

We didn’t get a dessert because Dermot wanted to go to “Janny’s Eis”. Smile
I had pina colada and Dermot had banana boat. My mum was that stuffed that she didn’t have anything.


Banana Boat


Pina Colada Ice Cream

A few pictures of our lovely fountain in the middle of the market square.



Wednesday – was relaxing day. A bit of TV and doing nothing. Brought back the car in the morning. Our taxi came in the afternoon then which brought us to the train station.

So in all we had a lovely trip and were really lucky with the weather as well as my mum told me that it was windy and rainy 2 or 3 days after our visit.


What A Weekend…

… it was!!!

Dermot and me minded Julie Ann for the weekend. The weather was amazing, too! So sunny and warm!

Julie Ann and me played Xbox Kinect on the Saturday until Dermot came home from his meeting. We also went to Strandhill and had Ice-Cream. Smile
Then we went to the park and played basketball.
Dermot’s friend called to say we meet in Strandhill and train for tag rugby. We joined a team. There were some guys out there as well on the pitch so we all ended up playing football. I managed to score 5 goals! WOOP! Open-mouthed smile That’s how German players do it! lol

Sunday which is today by the way… Winking smile We had a big lie in until 12pm. I was so dead from playing all those sports the day before!!! My body is definitely not used to it. lol Anyways we had nice breakie in the garden outside and Julie Ann went with her older sister. Dermot and me decided to have a little drive around Sligo in this lovely weather. Red heart In the evening he had a tennis match. I joined him after and we had a little game. I wasn’t that bad! Smile

Now we are all sitting here watching tele. I made my favourite salad which contains cucumber, pepper, tomato and feta cheese! Plate

Tomorrow it’s back to work time. This week only for 4 days though because on Friday Dermot and me are going to Germany for a few days! Can’t wait! Open-mouthed smile

Westlife Weekend (08.04.-10.04.2011)


What a weeekend we had…

Friday 8th April – I arrived at the hotel at 7.30pm and Katrina was able to find the hotel as well so she didn’t have to wander around Dublin until I arrived which saved us some time. So we checked into our room then and decided to go into town to get something to eat. Mc Donald’s it was. lol Not really healthy but you don’t really have any other option in the city centre at that time like.
After we went back to the hotel and got ready to go to the hotel and get a glance at Westlife which failed of course. We did see them but we had been told to stay away from them because they had “ a hard show”. Whatever! They have these new management now or whatever they are called. Not nice at all. Would have been so much easier if they would still have Malcom but anyway. Went back to the hotel and got some sleep as queuing was on the plan the next morning.

Saturday 9th April – I got up at 9.30am while Katrina was still sleeping as she had an exhausting day before that coming back from Liverpool. I went down to get some breakie and then got ready after. We left around 1pm and got to the O2 around 2pm. I thought it would be packed by that but luckily there was only around 14 people in front of us, so front row guaranteed. Smile
We met 2 lovely girls in the queue who were queuing in front of us.
We got our wristbands ( which I still have of course lol) and got let in at 6.30pm on the button. I loved the way that only 20 people of us were let in first and then only the rest after! Smile with tongue out That way we didn’t have to run and got our front row Red heart Brilliant view. The staff in the O2 is hilarious. @macisback3 Thanks for entertaining us! lol Was great craic.
The show was amazing! Not only Westlife but also Wonderland. They went down to the front and signed stuff and gave photos. I finally got mine taken with Jodi! Smile

Westlife came on stage very late this time but it was worth it. Completely different atmosphere when you are in front of the stage and not seated.



They took fans up on the stage that night. Randomly picked people out of the crowd. Sadly it wasn’t me. lol But it was nice to see the lucky ones on stage anyways! Smile


The fireworks during the concert were really hot in front row! I thought my face is burning off. haha Every time something went off we all went back a step. Open-mouthed smile

The only thing I didn’t like about the front row was, it is killing your neck at some stage. But I guess you have to live with that. Smile



Tried to meet them after the show but the taxi driver drove some stupid way so that we have missed them.

Sunday 10th April – We checked out at around 12pm and Katrina drove back to Liverpool as she still has another week off and I drove back to Sligo. I was home by 2.30pm to take of my poor Dermi who has been sick that weekend. Sad smile He is much better now though. Smile

That was my exciting weekend! Open-mouthed smile

Westlife Concert, Dublin O2 (03.04.2011)

OMG how amazing was last weekend… Smile Went to see Westlife in the O2 in Dublin!
I drove down to Dublin with Dermot on the Sunday at lunch time and checked into the hotel and then after we went to the O2 at around 6pm.

They have a Dublin Wheel now. It looks just like the one in London. Obviously smaller but good idea.


Thank god it was lovely outside. We didn’t have to queue long because we went down when doors opened so it went quick enough.
Usual thing was to get the tour programme and a t-shirt. After that we went to our seats which were brilliant by the way! I didn’t expect them to be that good. Row 5 of the tiered seating but it was basically front row of the tiered seating. Smile Can’t argue about that. lol

7.45pm – Glen Cal was one of the support acts. He is Shanes brother I think. He performed a few of his songs.


8.15pm – Wonderland performed. They are the band who are managed by Louis Walsh and Kian. Their songs are actually quite good considering they are all original stuff.


9pm – Westlife appeared up on the stage. They came down on stools starting with one of their new songs “No ones gonna sleep tonight”


A few speeches, jokes, etc.

Intro–No ones gonna sleep tonight (filmed by me)

Medley was something different this year.

Medley–Viva La Vida, Only Girl In The World, Dirty Bit, Bad Romance, I predict a riot (filmed by me)

One of the highlights was them being up on a girder. They were quite close to the middle of the tiered seating.



The show went on for about  1h 30mins.

It’s kinda funny who you always meet in the crowd no matter how many people are in the arena. Smile Met Lene from Norway who only sat a few rows behind me.

After the concert Dermot and me got a taxi straight back to the hotel. The taxi service and public transport service is much better in general now. The Luas is stopping at the O2 as well now and has extra Luas going.

11.30pm – We we were back at the hotel. Had a brilliant weekend and the next will be coming up soon. Smile Going to another concert with Katrina on Saturday.