Siblings in March

Here we are, half of March has gone in a blur. It only feels like yesterday we have ticked off February. March is really flying by I have to say and we have so many fun times ahead of us.  The middle of the month means it’s time for the Siblings project again. A project where I reflect on brother and sister to see how they get on together each month. It is one of my favourite photo projects I like linking up to with many other bloggers out there.

The last month has been quite a good month for us. We have been out and about more. We went to Liffey Valley with the kids the other day and Matthew had some great fun on the train with daddy while Chloe and me went off to have a smoothie. This was our girlie time. I am trying to get them out every week now so that Matthew is getting used to all the different surroundings.

Both kids have been loving playing trains together. Sometimes I feel sorry that Chloe doesn’t have that many girls toys. But I never bought that  many for her because in general she is not that interested playing with toys. She just likes to be Matthew’s shadow and play with him. I’d say when she is a bit older the whole dolls and dress up will start. So before that begins, I am enjoying the way she is for now.

It’s so funny to see the two when they are getting a snack. It can be a biscuit or an Organix oat bar. 9 out of 10 Chloe is concerned about Matthew and wants him to have one too.  She goes over to him and hands it to him. Sometimes she can be a bit sneaky and cheeky too where she pulls away or she takes a bite of it. Matthew doesn’t want it then. It’s funny to watch I have to say.

We went to the kids cousins the other day and Matthew enjoyed himself so much that he doesn’t want to leave. He always looks out for his little sister. Even Chloe started playing with Peppa Pig toys and cars. She went all adventurous then and started playing with her almost 3 year old cousin Rory. Adorable looking at the two of them.

Next month will be a busy one for us. We are heading to the UK on a ferry for the Easter break. I honestly can’t wait.

6 thoughts on “Siblings in March

  1. aw its adorable to hear that Chloe is concerned about Matthew when it comes to snack time MM is exactly the same and she even puts one aside when Finn is in school so he can have it later! lovely pictures! And yay to the Easter Break Adventure I hope you Guys have a lovely time! x
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  2. Chloe has always been one for the outdoors whereas Matthew likes to be a bit lazier. x

  3. The lighter days and evenings have been so much better lately aren’t they? The kids have been having so much more fun outdoors. Looks like your little ones agree with the outdoors too. It’s great with better weather ahead. They are so cute together here. Lovely Siblings bond forming. #siblingsproject
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