Living Arrows 11/52 American Dining & Fresh Air

Last weekend was all go go go. It started off with a nice breakfast with some freshly made croissants in the oven. We then planned on bringing Chloe to Kiddis Cut to get her hair tidied up a bit. That didn’t happen in the end though. Instead we all had lunch together at home, Chloe went fora nap and me and Matthew watched the first Tranformers movie. He loves Transformers at the moment but because this is with “real people”he wasn’t interested too much. He much prefers the cartoon versions.

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Living Arrows 6/52 – Birthday Celebrations

The last week has gone like a blitz.  I’d say it’s mainly because I put so much effort into Chloe having her best birthday ever. She is certainly a toddler now. She had a ball in creche last week celebrating with her little friends. It is the cutest thing ever. Even her big brother was allowed to join in the wobbler room for some rice crispie buns. I saw a collage hanging outside her room today with lots of photos from the day. Hopefully we will get to take some of those home. I think she will soon move into the toddler room but they haven’t mentioned anything to me yet.

So she is. Miss Chloe digging into her vanilla cupcake with a bit of pretty pink icing on Saturday. She wasn’t too sure about it first. Mainly because, as I mentioned in my previous post, she was a bit tired from all the excitement and should have really gone up for a nap but she wanted to fight it and be in the action. Hence those red cheeks by the way. Hubby’s sister pointed it out to me coincidental Chloe and I wore both a top with polka dots and both were blue. I actually picked up her dress in GAP when I was in London. It was absolutely gorgeous on her and it’s so casual that she can wear it everyday.

The above picture was taken on the green in our estate. We decided to all go out for some fresh air because the sun was shining and blue sky definitely gets you out of the house. Matthew was running up and down the hill the whole time. He took out the balance bike which was supposed to for Chloe as her birthday present. But because she is not as tall, she can’t even reach the bottom of it so for now it’s his. That will get him away from the Little Tikes ride on for now. He is way too big for it and the balance bike really suit him. He is still not a big fan of writing his actual Spiderman bike around the estate.

Living Arrows 5/52 Pizza & Ice Cream

Last weekend we took it quite easy. We didn’t even go outside. It wasn’t the weather for it anyway. Instead we spent time indoors. Playing, making, baking. Saturday morning was dedicated to cleaning. I was away the weekend before that so the house was a bit neglected when it comes to mopping, hoovering and sweeping. I caught up on that last weekend. The kids were playing away in the play room.

Friday was a big day for us. In 4 1/2 years, apart from friends and family, we have never had a babysitter before. We agreed that this is going to change once we move. I signed up to a babysitter website called I found a lovely girl who basically lives 5 minutes from our house. It couldn’t be any closer. We met her earlier during last week and decide to let her babysit the kids first time on Friday. I was going to my social tennis night and hubby had a competitive match on. We didn’t leave until the kids were in bed. Matthew sleeps like a log anyway. Chloe woke up an hour later but she had no issue being picked up by the girl and moved into our bed.  So looks like we can actually go places together now.

Saturday evening we prepared pizza together. Homemade pizza seems to be the nicest. Matthew loves sweetcorn so we added loads of that to the pizza. Chloe isn’t a fan of it so she just basically had a margherita one.

As much as I hate Playdoh around the house and cleaning up the little bits and pieces that are falling down, both kids love playing with it. So at the weekend we got the ice cream castle out and made some pretend ice cream. I think the coolest part is the different shapes you can make like a banana or strawberry. Chloe got more playdoh from Santa so we used that as the original playdoh that came with the castle was nearly all gone.

This week I am going to be busy preparing things for Chloe’s birthday party on Saturday. I still have to pick up the big “2” balloon for Wednesday morning. I can’t believe my little baby girl is going to be two in less than 48 hours.

Living Arrows 2/52 Shopping

The last week was the first week back to work for mummy and daddy. That meant the kids were back to creche and we were back to our normal week routine. Weekends are our family time. We are trying to fit as much in as we can at the weekend. (other than cleaning)

The weather wasn’t the best. It was dull and rainy. At the end of this week we are actually due the first snow of the year. I hope that’s true because Chloe has never seen snow before. On Sunday we took a trip to the local shopping centre because I needed a few bits and pieces. We had a lazy morning and later breakfast. Instead of having the usual breakfast, we enjoyed a Strawberry and banana smoothie each in the Whitewater Shopping Centre in Newbridge and some light snacks. I got Matthew a new book from Julia Donaldson called “The smartest giant in town”. He deserved that because he slept in his own bed all night the night before. (He tends to come into our bed in the middle of the night every night)

When we all finished our smoothies, Matthew spotted a Peppa Pig ride on the lower level. So we took the lift downstairs and the kids had a go on Grandpa pigs boat and Daddy pig’s car.  Maybe more than once.  They really enjoyed it. After that it was a bit of shopping in Penneys/Primark. I needed new socks and hubby needed new work trousers. Matthew was delighted with himself carrying out his own little basket with my socks in it.

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