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Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all. It’s a public bank holiday in Ireland today which means long weekend. It’s nice to have one day less to work and one more day to spend with the kids. We are not going to the parade. I thought there was parade in Naas but there is none and I am not dragging the kids into Dublin city just for that. We might do something else.

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Childproofing the House and what we actually needed

2015-05-12 13.36.18 Once your child is becoming mobile and is starting to crawl around the house you need to think of their safety and childproof the place. In my opinion you have to look around yourself what the target is of your child and what needs to be hidden. There are so many safety things you can get these days. In this post I would like to list a few of these safety items and also share and compare what we actually used to keep Matthew safe around the house. So here we go:

1. Once your child starts crawling you will find he’s interested in opening presses, drawers, cupboards, the whole lot. Put up a child proof lock so they are unable to open these.
2. Keep chemicals, bleach and washing powder high enough so they are out of reach.
3. Use plug sockets so they don’t put their little hands in the socket.
BabyDan_Twisting_Plug_Socket_Cover_6_Pack4. If you have a fireplace, more than likely it will have a sharp edge around it. Buy foam stuff to soften it.fireguard edge5. Add door stoppers to you doors. You don’t want those tiny little hands getting stuck.
6. If you have a coffee table or any table put corner cushions on them.
7. If you use the oven much consider getting a cover so they don’t burn their little hands
8. Wall mount the TV.
9. Secure the blinds cord.
10. Move the cot to the lowest position so they can’t fall out
11. Put up a stair gate at bottom and top of stairsld101__19439_zoom_112. Make sure child lock is on in your car.
13. If you use the fire much put a fire guard in place.

That’s the main safety things I can think of. Luckily we didn’t have to put many of these in place. Every time Matthew tried to open something I told him no and he eventually got it. So what did we change in the house to make sure it’s safe for him…?

– Instead of sticking corner cushions to the coffee table and middle table in the living room we got rid of them. Also meant he had more space to ┬áplay.
– I installed foam cushions around the edges of the fireplace ( we don’t require a fire guard because we never use the fire)
– Plug sockets was a must because he’s playing with them.
– I installed a safety gate at the top of the stairs and taught him not to climb up the stairs which saved me to install two.
– We now have a more secure TV unit so he can’t knock down the TV.
– Blind cords are always hidden so he can never get to them.

That’s basically it. It wasn’t much to it. It saves you a lot of money to tell them “no”.

What did you have to put in place in your house in order to keep your child safe?

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