H&M and Primark Haul

Last weekend I went on a little shopping spree. I was only supposed to go for two things but you know the way it is. You always end up buying more. Plus I didn’t have the kids with me so of course you want to browse because you can browse in peace and don’t need to rush.

We have a few shopping centres not far from where we live. I decided to give Liffey Valley a go because it’s handy to get to and the parking is generally easier than Blanchardstown for example.

My first stop was H&. I was delighted when they announced last year that you can now shop online with them in Ireland. Up until that point it was a pain to get stuff because the closest store back then was Letterkenny which is nearly 2 hours away. Now I have these stores basically nearly on my door step which is so handy.

Matthew always needs loads of tracksuit bottoms. He wears these at the weekend because it’s the most comfiest for boys. He is playing a lot on his knees, as kids do so eventually there will be a hole in them. Not a big deal and nothing I can do other than keep buying more. I don’t like Primark ones because some of them are really thick but the ones from H&M are brilliant. I ordered more from Next yesterday because they come cheaper with a set of three for only €20.

Now that Chloe is two, she is slowly but surely moving into 2-3 size clothing. More Next than H&M but I bought a few new tops from H&M that are a bit more loose on her. You can always role up the sleeves.
I also picked up a new hat for her because the one she has is getting too small. It’s up to four years so it will last her a few more winters/ cold days.

Primark I find really good for Home decor etc. So this is where I went after. I picked up a cute cactus that is now sitting on the windows sill of our main bathroom. I also got two green chevron cushion covers. Our living room seems to have drifted into a green and grey theme. All we need now is curtains.

Take a look at my haul video below. Apologies for the bad lighting but I am only getting started on these videos, so go easy on me.

H&M Kids Holiday Haul

I was at it again…Online Shopping. Since having the H&M app on my phone I find myself browsing a lot on it. I add a few items every now and then and if it comes to a decent amount I am purchasing. Since beautiful weather I had to buy a few more t-shirts for Chloe. I bought only the next size up for our holiday to Spain in August because I didn’t think it would get this warm this summer.


Girls H&M1. Cotton Cardigan €7.99
Light cardigans like this are very handy to have during the summer. It might get a bit chilly in the evening to so I can just throw this one on over Chloe’s t-shirt.

2. Jersey Shorts €3.99
I mainly bought these for our trip to Spain. Handy to throw on when heading to the pool/beach. You can never have enough of these for that price.

3. Top with Print Motif €3.99

Everything below are t-shirts she needed for the summer. At the start it was a bit of a challenge to put a short sleeve top on her because she has eczema like her brother which means once she had no jumper on, she would be at her arms scratching them but she seemed to have got over that now.

4. Printed Jersey Top €5.99

5.Top with Printed Motif €3.99

6. Jersey Top €3.99


Boys H&M1. Basic Cotton T-shirts €3.99
These can be combined with a nice cardigan but the main purpose I wanted for this, is when we are at the beach to cover his body in case he get sunburnt.

2. Pull-On Shorts €6.99
I love the summery design on this. Invites for a holiday away with the palm trees on it. I find pull-ons for boys at the age of nearly 4 easier to handle. Mainly because we are in the potty training stage even though we have ditched the potty and are not going to the big toilet but for him to handle pulling up and down the shorts, pull-ons are just easier.

3. Jersery Shorts €3.99
The material is nice and soft and will definitely keep you cool in the Spanish Summer. Again ideal to put on when going to the pool or beach.

4. Pull-On Shorts €6.99
I love the way they fold over by the leg. Looks funky and stylish and basically goes with any top.

Have you been doing any clothes shopping for yourself or the kids for this summer?

Mummy’s H&M Summer Haul

I am really taking advantage of this new H&M Online shop in Ireland. This week I placed my third order. First one was for the hubby, second one for the kids and now it was mummy’s turn to spoil herself. Now I have to admit one or two things sneaked in again for the kids. But it’s all stuff they are actually in need of and I forgot to include in the previous order.

I might have mentioned a few times previously that we are going on our first summer holiday in August this year. We are going to Spain and I cannot wait. We are finally getting some sun and most important heat. Generally people from Ireland go around May/June or September to avoid the heat but I am so used to going during the actual summer month. My mum and I have been going on holidays in July/August since I was 5 years of age. I am well used to the heat, plus when I still lived in Germany, it’s always hot during the summer. It’s a bit frustrating and depressing living in Ireland when it always rains so it’s nice to get away for a few days this year.

Because the weather is so bad, I wouldn’t necessarily have many summer clothes so I had to go on a shopping spree online. I am not that kind of person who likes to browse around in shops and find something. I know the advantage of it is you can actually try it on but I don’t mind sending it back if it doesn’t fit.

Jersery Top with Print €9.99

hmprod (2) hmprod (7)

I got these two t-shirts for a steal price. At the moment, as stated above, they are €9.99 but a week ago they had a sale on and I got both for €4.99 each which I find a bargain really.

Patterned jersey vest top €9.99

hmprod (3)

I loved the design on this vest. I always like to try out something different. The vest is really comfortable and nice and long. You could even wear this on a night out, that’s how nice it looks.

Sleeveless top €9.99

hmprod (4)

Again a style I normally wouldn’t go for but I kept this vest. Simply because I want up my style, Not that I know much about fashion.

Slub Jersey Top €14.99

hmprod (5)

This T-Shirt is lovely to wear with any cardigan or on its own. The air conditioning is broken in our office and unfortunately it gets warm very quickly, even in the winter time. For that reason I needed a few more t-shirts in the press.

Sweatshirt shorts €9.99

hmprod (1)

These shorts are baggy and comfortable. Great to throw on when going to the beach. I am  a big fan of shorts.

Denim Shorts €14.99

hmprod (6)

I mainly bought these to go with my leggings. I have another pair from H&M that I bought last year which are now too big on me because I dropped a clothes size and a half.

So what’s left to buy for the summer holiday then? Well, I think I need a new pair of flip flops and a general pair of sandals. I also need a new bikini, again because I dropped a clothes size. Apart from that I should be all kitted out I hope.

Are you going on a summer holiday this year? Have you been going shopping for it?

The Love for Leggings

Girls are great for leggings. Over the last 6 months I have developed a slight obsession for them.  Chloe has more leggings than tops or socks. Her press is full in fact.

I have been trialing a few different companies like Mothercare, H&M, Primark and Next, I now frequently buy her leggings in H&M and Next. They might be a bit more pricey but I find them the best. First of all they are quite stretchy especially the ones from H&M and second of all the length is bang on.
I bought quite a few leggings from Mothercare a while ago in size 12-18 months. It’s grand when she wears them for the first time, but once you wash them they shrink and then they are too short and also the end of the leg are stretched. The material is too soft which might explain why they become like that.
I know every child can be different because Matthew lived in clothes from Mothercare but his body build was a bit different to Chloe’s.

I was never a fan of tights. As a child myself I never wore them but I never liked to wear leggings either. I pretty much live in them. How times have changed.

We are at the stage now where I have to do what I do best and buy a whole lot of new leggings online because she has grown out of most of her 9-12 months leggings. She is nearly 14 months in fairness so she got great wear out of them considering she lives in them daily.

With that in mind I am in the middle of purchasing new leggings for her. I am open to any new leggings shops like instagram shops or actual websites if anyone knows any good ones. You are more than welcome to bombard me with links in the comments below.

H&M Leggings:

H&M Leggings

As well as normal leggings, H&M also has a lot of organic clothes. This is sometimes essential because both my kids have eczema.

Next Leggings:

Next Leggings

With Next I like the funky ones the best. The watermelon ones are a must! Very fresh looking and perfect for the summer.
Readers who have been following my blog for the last year might have noticed that I have a slight obsession with cat clothes. For that reason I threw in a mix of cat leggings there, too.

Do you prefer leggings or tights on your girl?

A Surprise from Germany

2015-09-10 18.36.42

I love surprises and the most I love are parcel surprised. My mum used to send me 3-4 parcels a year with so many bits inside it. Each parcel was very heavy, too. It had sweets and other things I needed from my home country inside it.

My best friend Karo is now continuing this which I am very happy about (thanks a mill at this point xxx). Over time I am collecting ideas for her and things that come into my mind I could possibly need which you don’t get in Ireland. Hubby loves the sentence when I say “You can’t get this in Ireland” by the way. This is sarcastic of course. But what I love most about these parcels is that there is not only things in it that I have requested, but also things that come to a surprise. It’s like Christmas comes early.

PicMonkey Collage

Unfortunately there is no H&M in the town I live in. The nearest one is over an hour drive away. Karo got me hooked on H&M clothing and I love shopping for myself and the kids now. There is no online shop in Ireland either and the UK one doesn’t deliver to Ireland yet which is a real shame. So I ordered some bits and bobs for Chloe for the winter from Germany and she sent them onto me. You might have seen it already, there are cat clothes once again. I am obsessed with these lately.You haven’t even seen half the clothing hauls I have done lately which involved cat clothes, too.

2015-09-10 18.46.08

Converse are the most comfiest shoes in the world and they go with pretty much every outfit. I have a blue pair at the moment but it is always good to have 2 pair. The other white pair I have I’ve worn so many times, they will have to be thrown out. Karo works in a factory where customers return items they were not happy with, from companies like Groupon. These converse are in general cheaper so why not.

2015-09-10 18.46.23

This brand is a well known brand in a shop in Germany called DM. DM is like Boots for example. The smell of these shower gels are delicious. The left one is cherry and the middle one is melon.

2015-09-10 18.47.51

I bought this box on Ebay Germany a while ago. It is for a chunk of butter. I find it better and more hygienic than when you buy a box of butter and put your knife in it all the time. It looks pretty too, doesn’t it?

2015-09-10 18.50.01-1

I find in Ireland parents are not too keen on jars and homecook for their babies/toddlers. With this image I just want to give you an idea how much variety of different tasty Hipp jars you can get in Germany. I mean Hipp is Hipp but for some reason, I find Hipp jars in Ireland are disgusting and they don’t smell nice at all. The ones I got are vegetable soup, potato soup, rice with carrots and turkey, vegetable rice with chicken, spinach with potatoes and Spagetti Bolognese. I wish there would  be more of these over here. The aisles are full of these and so many more over in Germany and cheaper too.

2015-09-10 18.41.02

Matthe was delighted with these. A colouring book from “Cars” and stickers. He wanted to stick them all over straight away. We only stuck some of them though as I didn’t want to waste them all straight away.

2015-09-10 18.46.01

Last but not least, some chocolate and some sweets. Can’t go wrong with these.

1. This is more for baking. It is coconut fat and mainly for the German chocolate biscuit I love to make and shared the recipe a while back.

2. Haribo’s are everyone’s favourite. Most of these are the original ones you can always get but there is a new addition which is called “Little cupcakes”. I can’t wait to try them.

3. Werthers Original I loved since my childhood. Even though it is not really good for your teeth, I always have to suck on a sneaky one every now and then.

4. Pick Up I have seen on a few people’s blog that they have become popular in the UK and Ireland lately, too. There are many different flavours but I generally like the original or chocolatey one.

5. Kinder chocolate… mmmmh… is there anything more to say?

6. It’s hard to explain what these are but they have been around in Germany for 20/30 years. So also a delicacy from my childhood.

7. I really wanted these Kinder eggs. They come in a packet of 4 and more than likely have small Minions in it that you can collect. So I got 12!! Kinder eggs. Don’t tell Matthew! As a child I actually collected all the inside of the kinder eggs like hippos etc. Unfortunately I don’t have these anymore but they are worth a lot of money now these days. You could buy books back in the day to see how much they are worth.

8. Again a chocolate I have seen on one of the bloggers page that seemed to have become popular over here too now. If you open the box, there is no way you are just going to eat one. You are guaranteed to eat the whole box.

Well, that’s it all. Nice surprise isn’t it? I put it all away safe so I don’t start opening everything at once. I want it to last for a weeks/months if possible.

Have you received anything nice in the post lately? Or do you exchange parcels with your friend every now and then?

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Cat Clothes Obsession

Is there something you really like collecting or keep buying and you always need to have more from? It could be statues, it could be pens or it could be the newest phone you need to catch up on every year.

For me at the moment it is cat clothes for Chloe. When I say cat clothes I don’t mean dress up clothes I mean anything that has a cat design on it.

It all started 3 months ago when I started buying Chloe proper clothes in Next other than being in sleepsuits all the time. They had this cute set of a t-shirt and leggings with cats all over. I was automatically in love with it. I have to admit that I don’t really dress her in proper dresses yet. I like dressing her comfy in leggings and a top. Simple and comfortable for her. Tights can be too tight on the stomach in my opinion and her stomach can be upset quite a few times now that she has been on solids the last 1 1/2 months.

Since then I have been looking out for cat design t-shirts, leggings, jackets etc. After spotting the first thing in the Next I picked up the next design in Tesco and then a few days after I went to Mothercare as there was a sale on and I got a lot of cute T-shirts with cat designs.


When I was over in Germany 2 weeks ago to visit my friend we went shopping as you do as girls. We went to H&M and I got her more cat stuff. H&M in fact has a lot of cat stuff at the moment. I only got a few bits but I will probably pick up more soon.

2015-07-29 16.02.15

How cute is this jumper with the little bow on it? She looks so pretty in it. It’s funny because she actually loves playing and holding on to the bow too and today was the first time she wore this jumper.


Chloe is currently in size 6-9 months, nice and snug by the way, so I bought this cat cardigan the next size up so she gets longer wear out of it.

As Chloe will be starting crèche on Tuesday I ordered her more long sleeve tops because at the moment she only has a lot of T-Shirts. It is fine with a cardigan on but sometimes it doesn’t go with the T-Shirt and a cotton long sleeved vest I find too warm. And you probably guessed already. I bought a set of 3 long sleeve tops which includes 2 tops with cats on it.



I have just been on H&M actually and they have new arrivals with more cat tops and dresses. Oh my poor purse.

Is there a specific character or design you keep buying for your children to wear?

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