A Boys Transformers Themed Bedroom

A while ago I started decorating the kids bedrooms. It is a never ending project. I want it to be perfect and end up getting more little bits and pieces. But I think I finally have Matthew’s bedroom nailed. One wall still looks a bit too pale for me but I haven’t figured out what I am going to do with it yet.

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H&M and Primark Haul

Last weekend I went on a little shopping spree. I was only supposed to go for two things but you know the way it is. You always end up buying more. Plus I didn’t have the kids with me so of course you want to browse because you can browse in peace and don’t need to rush.

We have a few shopping centres not far from where we live. I decided to give Liffey Valley a go because it’s handy to get to and the parking is generally easier than Blanchardstown for example.

My first stop was H&. I was delighted when they announced last year that you can now shop online with them in Ireland. Up until that point it was a pain to get stuff because the closest store back then was Letterkenny which is nearly 2 hours away. Now I have these stores basically nearly on my door step which is so handy.

Matthew always needs loads of tracksuit bottoms. He wears these at the weekend because it’s the most comfiest for boys. He is playing a lot on his knees, as kids do so eventually there will be a hole in them. Not a big deal and nothing I can do other than keep buying more. I don’t like Primark ones because some of them are really thick but the ones from H&M are brilliant. I ordered more from Next yesterday because they come cheaper with a set of three for only €20.

Now that Chloe is two, she is slowly but surely moving into 2-3 size clothing. More Next than H&M but I bought a few new tops from H&M that are a bit more loose on her. You can always role up the sleeves.
I also picked up a new hat for her because the one she has is getting too small. It’s up to four years so it will last her a few more winters/ cold days.

Primark I find really good for Home decor etc. So this is where I went after. I picked up a cute cactus that is now sitting on the windows sill of our main bathroom. I also got two green chevron cushion covers. Our living room seems to have drifted into a green and grey theme. All we need now is curtains.

Take a look at my haul video below. Apologies for the bad lighting but I am only getting started on these videos, so go easy on me.

A Nautical Inspired Master Bedroom

It has been two and half a months since we moved into our new home. It is fair to say that we have all settled in really well, especially the kids. We don’t miss the old place at all.

As settling down has taken place and we have entered the new year, I can now finally concentrate on decorating each room in the house. I absolutely love this part. My hubby not so much. He is dreading what each room will look like it. For me, I love doing DIY stuff. I wish I had more time on my hands. He can relax though, I decided I am going to keep all wall paints the same as they were painted when we moved in because I love the colour a lot. It is between a gray and a cream. Looks really nice. Instead I am going to brighten up each room with decor, frames, stickers, you name it.

This will only happen gradually and it might take several months, considering I have to smallies to look after and a full-time job to attend each week. But I want to take my time on each room. Right now we are spending a lot time of time in the master bedroom which is mummy’s and daddy’s room. I probably mentioned before that Chloe has developed a phase of waking up night screaming and only going back to sleep until she can come into our bed. It’s grand if it’s only a phase but as far I can remember, Matthew used to do this and we introduced controlled crying then which worked a treat.

Right now our bedroom has no theme whatsoever. We took everything with us from the old house. Cushions, bedding and table lamp don’t match at all. I always liked the other idea of having a beach/ nautical themed bedroom. I love the beach myself. When we lived in Sligo, we only lived a 10 minutes drive from the beach. It is more like 40 minutes now which is not too bad either. I was browsing Pinterest the other day and found some great ideas. Navy is one of my favourite colours. It blends in with any colour like gray, white or yellow. Our whole house is gray themed where navy will go well.

Last weekend we went to IKEA where I started off buying a few bits and pieces for my first project. A few weeks ago we got a white shelf installed above our bed from IKEA. Additionally I bought three frames. Two the same size and one bigger one. The two smaller ones will have a quote and nautical art print on it whereas the bigger one will display a family photo of us all at the beach in Spain.

Furthermore the most important part of a bedroom is the duvet set and its pillows. In the old house we had a red and cream theme so right now we have red and black pillows on the bed. I would like to replace these with more nautical themed pillow cases. The main bedding, i like the idea of  a stripey navy one, as shown above.

We will also have to replace the table lamp. As we can take off the lamp shade, it might be cheaper in the long run to just buy a new lamp shade that matches our new nautical theme. Something like shown above. I also saw one that was a white lamp shade but they added navy stripe and bottom and top of lamp shade which looked nice, too. There are so many nice things out there, you can be forever browsing.

We still have no blinds in the master bedroom or living room, neither do we have curtains in either room. Long story short the windows are quite long and it is not easy to find one that works with it. We got a fitter in today though so will get a quote soon. As well as blinds, I would also like to have a curtains in the room. It makes the room look much more cosier. We had cream curtains in the old house and because the walls are already gray in our current house, more than likely we will go with cream curtains again and use a blue cotton rope curtain tie. I could change my mind again though and go with the complete opposite which is blue curtains and cream curtain tie.

Last but not least I am going to add a few bits and pieces around the room decor wise. I haven’t quite decided on that yet but first we concentrate on the main bits. I will do a post on a master bedroom tour for you then once finished. Wish me luck.

Decorate Your Home With Dee Dee & Boo

Not too long ago I came across a new illustrator. Her name is Helen. Funny, because the girl who designed my blog header is also called Helen. All Helen’s must be amazing illustrator by the looks of it. Anyway, Helen set up her own business called Dee Dee & Boo. She designs amazing prints by hand. I couldn’t believe it because it looks like it’s printed.

I was lucky enough to choose one of her great artworks. You can pick from many different occasions. Whether it’s for a birthday, a baby, love, weddings or simply your family. As we are moving house in the next few weeks, I thought it would be nice to choose something personal for our family to hang up on the wall in the hall way or living room. You can choose from many different family styles. I went for the home version.

So the other day I was greeted with a cute little packaging. Before I started taking the whole blogging thing serious, I was big into snail mailing and stationary. So the presentation of the packaging really impressed me. Inside I could find my personalized print.



The print is designed on a cardboard like A4 sheet. I absolutely love the detail on it. It includes things like houses, a sofa, a chimney and much more around it. You can see the detail in it in the photo above. It’s fab.

These will make such a lovely gift as well. You can build your own custom one and add a gift message. Prints are available from £20 onwards.

If you fancy one of these gorgeous custom made prints, I have good news for you… I am offering my readers a 10% discount. All you have to do is enter the code lovedeedeeboo10 at the checkout. This will brighten up anyone’s home.


Boys Bedroom Ideas

It is now over 3 years since I last upgraded Matthew’s bedroom. The time I decorated and painted his room I was 20 weeks pregnant with him. That is quite some time ago. He is nearly 3 1/2 years old now and I think he deserves a more boyish room other Winnie Pooh all over the place in his room. I spent a long time on one of my favourite platform Pinterest lately to look for some ideas what I can turn his room into.
Originally I planned to paint it a different blue and just add some Disney Cars stickers or Thomas the Tank engine. But lately he is on and off with his likings for his characters. At the moment he likes Mickey Mouse again and Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster machine. I would be forever updating his room.

So basically I started looking for more general stuff but still have a car theme.

I really like the idea of having a cream wall. Our whole house is cream in fact.Boys Bedroom Idea


I love this idea. It has a bit of everything. The blue colour at the bottom wall means it will save me time because his room is already painted like that. The only thing I have to repaint is the top because his room is a lighter cream. I love the combination of these two coming together. The road in the middle adds to it. It might take some time to draw it but once I have a bit of time on my hands I like doing this sort of stuff.

Disney Cars Wall Art


For the walls I am thinking of drawing some of these characters on a piece of paper and adding each of them into a frame and hang them around in his room or paint them onto a canvas. They are so cute looking aren’t they?



Furthermore I am looking for some bunting to hang around his room. Something like above to replace the Winnie Pooh stickers above his changing unit drawer which will now act as a shelf.

Childs Name


I haven’t quite decided what personal touch I want to add above his bed. Right now he has a photo of himself when he was 6 weeks old and beside it I have a saying stuck to it from Ebay “First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything”.

I also bought a bookshelf a while ago from GLTC to add to his wall behind the door. His books are all over the place lying on his chair at the moment and it would look so much better when they are all lined up in the bookshelf and I can rotate them easily whenever I want.

Are you planning or currently upgrading your children’s room? Do you have a theme?

Home Decor – Wall Tattoos

I have always been a  big fan of home decor and DIY projects. Whenever there is a job to do in the house for example painting a wall, putting up a picture or creating a storage solution I am in my element.

Wall Tattoos are a big thing in our house. I think they make the room look so much better, fresher and more modern. I need to stop myself a bit though not to use one in every room in the house. So far I have limited it to our bed room, Matthew’s room, the ensuite bathroom and the spare bed room. Downstairs it is more of a “family wall” with photos of us and I want to keep it that way.


This is our wall tattoo in the master bed room. “Always kiss me goodnight”. The room itself is themed red but only one wall is painted red as I think it would be a bit too much to have the whole room in red. I usually get these wall tattoos on Ebay. There is so many different ones.


The ensuite bathroom has a tattoo with bathroom rules on it. Whether we stick to it in that order is a different story.


Our guest room is full of flowers above the bed and a border going around the whole room. This one was a bit of a challenge to stick on the wall because it is so big but I think the end product looks amazing.


Matthew’s bedroom is designed with a saying “First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything”.  I am planning to use something similar in Chloe’s room whenever I start on it. Right now she doesn’t need a room just yet.

What do you think of my wall tattoos? Have you used them in your own home?