The Lidl Baby Box


Around two week ago I received an email from the Maternity and Infant Website, Ireland’s finest parenting magazine. I love getting exciting emails every now and then. This time it involved my favourite grocery store Lidl. I do the weekly shopping here every Saturday morning.

Lidl has teamed up with Maternity Infant and created a free Lidl Baby Box. You can sign up here.  I think it’s a brilliant idea. I use a lot of their baby products anyway so to get a free box full of stuff is amazing. Within a few days Maternity infant will send you on your voucher. This can be printed off or just show the email to the cashier at the check out.

So what was actually in the box?


1. Cien Lip Balm

We are coming into autumn and soon it will be winter. Lips are getting dry. For me sometimes anyway. This lip balm is great to have. I am generally not big into beauty products but I do like lip balm, especially the ones that are scented.

2. Cien Hand Lotion

I tried this out first time this morning. I did have a hand cream from Cien before but I didn’t find it that great. This hand lotion is brilliant though and is the perfect travel size to fit in your hand bag.

3. Dentalux Kid Tooth Paste

I didn’t actually know that Lidl does tooth paste for kids. The fact that this one if 0-6 years puts me a  bit off though. Tooth paste for babies has to be very gentle and there can only be little flavour. That’s why you see all the big brands like Colgate divide them into 0-2 years etc. I would use this tooth paste for my eldest who is four but definitely not for my nearly 20 months old.

4. Cien Body Lotion

Lidl has recently launched travel sized products. The body lotion is one of them. Very handy for when you got away on a girly weekend trip for example.

5. W5 Bathroom Wipes

I use bathroom spray and mainly bleach to clean our bathrooms but if you are in a hurry, you can have these in the press in the main bathroom upstairs for a quick run over if you have visitors coming over.

6. Cien Deodorant

Again this deodorant is handy to have a in a travel size when going away over the weekend. This one is extra dry and it promises 48h protection. I haven’t tried it yet but it smells lovely.

7. Toujours Newborn Nappies

When I first had Matthew,  my first born, we bought Toujours nappies up until he moved into size 6 nappies because back then Lidl only produced nappies up until size 5. In my opinion these nappies are as good as Pampers.  I don’t even think they had Newborn sizes 4 years ago. For new mums these are brilliant. I can’t recommend them enough and the price on them are definitely better than Pampers where you can sometimes spend a little fortune.

8. Toujours Wipes

All I can say is I love these wipes. I have been using them for the last 4 years and I can just simply not fault them. You can get them in either in the sensitive type or the aloe vera type.  I think they are €1,19 and there are 80 wipes in it. Occasionally Lidl does XXL version of it too. I can’t believe sometimes how expensive the Pampers wipes are. These are definitely better and way cheaper too.

What did we think about the Lidl Baby Box?

I was actually quite impressed by the amount of stuff they included in it. The only thing that I was a bit disappointed about was the size of the nappies. When you sign up, you have to specify how old your children are. It would be great to have the right size nappy for my little girl as newborn size is no good to me.

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