10 signs you live with a child

To all women out there who now call themselves “Mum”, can you imagine how life was before you had children? I certainly can’t and it has only been  3 1/2 years since I  gave birth to my first child. You forget so easily what you did those days. If I think back now, I would get so bored out of my mind. What do you do when you have no children?
Today I compiled a list for you, how you know you live a child.

10 signs you live with a child2

1. TV becomes your new best friend

I don’t know about you but if I want to put hang up some washing or clean up somewhere, the TV seems to be the only thing that keeps them quiet for a few minutes and I am able to do some house work without them wrecking the house.

2. Your dinners are being refused the first time

You probably remember them evenings when you prepared the dinner for when hubby comes home from work and you would sit down and enjoy a delicious meal together. These days you have to bribe them with a delicious dessert to eat at least of their dinner.

3. “Hubby”, First Name, “Baby” becomes “Daddy”

Even when the kids are not around or are in bed, I still call my hubby to be “daddy”. It just became a habit since we have children.

4. Grocery Shopping is like a holiday

I generally do my weekly shopping on my own. I swear it’s like a mini holiday to get out of the house for an hour with no screaming, shouting, “I want this, I want that”.

5. Sleep ins are history

I remember those days where hubby and I used to sleep in until 10 am or even longer sometimes weekends. This is non existent now. You might get lucky and have this luxury again once they are teenagers

6. Coffee table, flowers decorations

All gone. The living room is bare and all you see now is colourful little toys, boxes of toys, toys you trip over once a day. You need the space for ride ons, train sets etc. The baby could hit her head on the coffee table, pull down the flowers, smash the decorations.

7. Baby wipes are your new cleaning product

It’s amazing what baby wipes can clean. I used it on pretty much everything at this stage. Surfaces in the kitchen, dirt on the floor, stains on the couch etc

8. Washing Machine is turned on daily

There is not a day where I don’t put the wash on. Prior to the kids, I washed once a week. It’s so hard to catch up with it that the washing is actually catching up with me and there are always piles and pile of washing to be done whether that is bedding or actual clothes.

9. Hoovering, Sweeping, Mopping? A clean house?

You might get the odd minute to actually sweep underneath the table and the kitchen floor but your weekly routine of sweeping, mopping and hoovering is over. It doesn’t happen all at once anymore. Once you are done with sweeping and mopping every now and then, you have to start all over again because the toddler spilled a drink or left crumbs all over the floor. Hoovering is a hard task. The toddler is terrified of the hoover which means I only get to hoover when he is upstairs when I have to hoover downstairs or the other way around.

10. Your house is like a pharmacy

The amount of Calpol, Nurofen, Teedex, Exputec and nasal spray we have been going through over the last 3 1/2 years is enormous. You feel like you live in a pharmacy with the amount of medications.

But after all we love our little precious ones don’t we?

Is there anything you would add to this list? What have you noticed is different since you had children?

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8 thoughts on “10 signs you live with a child

  1. Great post… yes my house is a pharmacy… plus I’ve never had so many medical appointments since becoming a mum… I should have the knowledge of a doctor now!! 🙂 #TheList

  2. Oh definitely agree about the washing! I’ve been struggling to try and catch up with all of the washing and, so far, have failed haha. But you have to keep going otherwise it really does take over!

  3. oh gosh this made me laugh, the bare coffee table, the medicines, the washing machine and cleaning never ends. Finally though now that Adam is six we are able to start putting the breakables out (still a risk as the odd ball goes flying), but it’s worth the risk just to have a bit more of my grown up things around.

  4. Very true. Your house and lifestyle will never be the same again. I get the occasion lie in now if the kids get distracted with YouTube. I’ve always got washing, dishes and ironing. Boo! #thelist Lifeinthemumslane

  5. Oh my goodness the washing, cannot get over the fact that, since having a baby only 3 months ago, we are suddenly doing washing every day! And you can forget ironing – my poor husband generally manages by giving his shirt collar a quick press and covering the rest with a jumper (who knows how he’ll manage in the summer – probably opt to get super-hot rather than fitting in more ironing!!) Fab post, so true x

  6. Oh the state of our floors – it makes me cringe! We can only hoover when the toddler isn’t in the house. She loves ‘Henry’ when he is off, but turn him on and she freaks out! Also baby wipes actually clean everything – gave my suede boots a once over this morning before work – it worked a dream!

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