10 Types of sounds to avoid when kids asleep

You probably all know that feeling of relief when the baby/toddler naps or is off to sleep for the night. Those precious hours of mummy time.

I’m sure most of you have found yourself in situations like this before. Mummy time is one thing but to make sure your child stays asleep and is not woken by a silly noise is another.


Here just a few I have found myself in all the time:

1. “Turn down the volume!

More than likely they won’t hear the noise of the TV upstairs but you’d still feel paranoid and turn it down anyways. You want some me time after all.

2. “Don’t walk on those screeching floor boards!

Worst thing that can happen. Child just asleep and you walk on a noisy floor board outside their room.

3. “Don’t flush the toilet!

Hell no! The noisiest thing in the house.

4. “Don’t put the kettle on!

Only applies to babies really that are in the same room as you, for example the living room. I’m in that situation right now.

5. “Don’t sneeze!

Hard to do but sometimes you can hold it.

6. “Shh, the baby is sleeping!

I know it’s hard to do this really because all what the older siblings want to do is play.

7. Carefully plug in the phone charger.

8. “Stupid helicopter flying over the house at the wrong time!

Unfortunately we live not far from the ocean so there’s a lot of rescue trials.

9. “Carefully move over to the other side and get comfortable

This can be a disaster too. Every time I get comfy on the side she starts moving loads. Nightmare.

10. That doorbell ringing at or before midnight!

On so many occasions we had a delivery man from a restaurant on our doorstep because they always get the house wrong. Seriously!

What noises do you have to avoid to not wake your little ones?

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10 thoughts on “10 Types of sounds to avoid when kids asleep

  1. If I do manage to avoid all of these, my dog manages to find something to bark at! It is hard work keeping things quiet in this house (and actually getting some sleep!). Fab post that I think we can all relate to.
    Bek Dillydrops recently posted…Love/Hate TagMy Profile

  2. Ugh the people who ring the doorbell and then knock too – as if I have any hope of keeping him asleep through that! Haha definitely do at least half of these!
    Thanks for linking up to #linkalist x
    El and Baby A recently posted…Link-a-List #2My Profile

  3. Ah nightmare. Matthew’s room is kinda above the hallway so ok but once Chloe moves into her room that’s above kitchen.

  4. I’d love that but Chloe is just too jumpy reacting to everything. Matthew slept through movies etc

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