1000 Questions To Myself #1 and #2

Not too long ago I came across a new blog series. It was actually on my friend’s German blog Zwergenkinderstuebchen. Over in Germany they call it blog parade where people take part in a series of questions in each week and link them up. The idea came from Johanna who blogs at Pinkepank. First my plan was to take part in German but then I thought it would be fun to translate all the question as I go along and get other bloggers to take part as well.

As it it is too much to write a whole blog post with one thousand questions, she has broken it up into twenty in each post. She releases these post every Saturday but I won’t have any pattern writing these as I am five weeks behind anyway. If you feel like you’d like to play along, then just copy the first fourty questions below (I am doing the first two in one post). It’s actually very interesting how so many people have different answers to the same questions.

1. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The first thing that comes into mind is eat a Risotto in my friends house. I’ve never had one before that.

2. Who do you get on with the best?

There are a few people.  A friend who lives three hours away but is also my work bestie and a few girls in work.

3. What do you waste too much time on?

Browsing on my phone on social media. There has been times where I planned to do other things but ended up getting caught browsing the phone too much.

4. Which jokes make you laugh?

Nothing specific. You make me laugh easily.

5. Do you mind crying when someone is with you?

Depends on the person but you can never control yourself when you start crying. I probably won’t go into a different room or upstairs.

6. What do you have for breakfast?

It differs. Sometimes I have toast with honey and jam, other times I could have a croissant or just cereal. At the weekend I make french sometimes on rare occasions.

7. Who was the last person who got a kiss off you?

Hubby and the kids when I went to work this morning.

8. How much are you like your own mum?

A lot like her. I remember when we went on holidays this year ago and the lady at the check in said she couldn’t believe it how much we even look alike.

9. What do you do first thing in the morning?

Check my phone and go to the bathroom.

10. Are you good at reading aloud?

I always liked reading aloud in school and my kids enjoy it too when I read the bedtime stories in the evening time.

11. At what age did you stop believing in Santa Clause?

I don’t really know but I kind of knew myself without anyone telling me when I was about six or seven maybe. My gran dad used to get dress up as Santa and knock at the door to leave the presents but I was always too scared to answer the door so it was my mum who got the sack full of presents.

12. What do you really want to buy for yourself?

I only just got a new phone which means I don’t want to buy anything for myself for now.

13. Which trait would you like to have?

More patience I guess.

14. What is your favourite TV Show?

I honestly don’t watch much TV but when I do I quite enjoy Hawaii Five-O which also makes me want to fly to Hawaii straight away.

15. When was the last time you visited a theme park?

Drayton Manor in Birmingham last Easter.

16. How old do you want to get?

As long as I am fit and healthy, some people are still fit at 90. That’s hopefully  me.

17. Which holiday brings back nostalgia?

Probably the trip to New York with my friend from Berlin two years ago. We went for five days or so and had such a fab time. This is where I want to start planning for another mini holiday.

18. How does lovesickness feel?

It has been a while since I was love sick. I have been in a relationship for over nine years now but I remember it wasn’t nice. It took time to find the right one.

19. Have you ever thought about having a different name?


20. When did you ever doubt yourself?

There are always a few things in life where I doubt myself. Even if it’s something silly like something I cooked, or something that has got to do with the kids.

21. Is it important to you what other people think about you?

Depends on the situation but I wouldn’t say it out loud to them. I probably would think about it depending on the person.

22. Which part of the day do you like best?

Probably the evening time when I get to sit down and watch some crappy TV for two hours or so.

23. Are you a good cook?

I wouldn’t say I am a good cook, but I have never heard anyone complain about my cooking either. Put it this way, people didn’t die or were sick after my meal yet.

24. Which season is your type?

Definitely the Summer. I know we don’t really get a proper in Ireland but when we do I like to make the most out of it and bring the kids to the beach, have an ice cream, get the pool out in the garden, all the things you would do during the Summer.

25. When was the last time you haven’t done anything all day?

Hard to recall because if I don’t work, I have kids to look after. Probably a day I took off last year.

26. Were you a happy child?

Yes, I loved my childhood. I have so many photos I can look back on and you can honestly not compare it with these days.

27. Do you often buy flowers?

I find it hard to keep any kind of plant or flower alive but once Spring starts, I like to freshen up the kitchen and buy a bunch of flowers for the table.

28. What dream do you have?

The only dream I would have, is to travel the world.

29. In how many flats have you lived so far?

Including my Au Pair time and my childhood home I have lived in nine flats. The house we live in now is the ninth one.

30. Which vice do you have?

The only thing hubby can get annoyed with sometimes is my blog.

31. What was the name of the last book you read? 

Fifty Shades of Grey which is almost six years ago. I am not the biggest book reader.

32. Why do you have the hair cut you wear now?

Up until I was nineteen I used to have my hair in a pony tail every single day. Since then I have changed it to hair down and either a side fringe or full fringe. It’s the most comfortable. I haven’t been to the hair dresser since April last year actually.

33. Are you addicted to your phone?

Yes, without a doubt. Friends can confirm that but as a blogger I kind of have to be active on social media. (Good excuse)

34. How much money do you have in your bank account?

Not enough. HAHA

35. Which is your favourite shop?

I am not the biggest shopping centre fan. I like to do my shopping online when possible. I know there is the issue of trying it on and possibly sending it back but I accept that. Favourite shop right now is H&M. I always pick up lovely bits for the kids there.

36. What drink do you normally order in a bar?

Corona, or the new thing now is Gin and tonic.

37. Do you normally know when it’s time to go?

I rarely go out, it’s something like two or three times a year. Christmas parties are normally the hardcore ones. Normally I know when it’s time to go though.

38. If you were self-employed, what is it that you do?

I probably would become a full-time blogger.

39. Do you always want to win?

No, it’s ok to lose.

40. Do you go to church?


That’s it for now. Feel free to join in and the next round of twenty questions will be live early next week.

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