My 1st Sassy Bloom Box Review

After seeing this company on so many blogs lately I have decided I am going to try it out myself.


What is Sassy Bloom?

It is a box that is being hand picked by Sassy Bloom box’s staff by age, stage of development and gender.
You can choose a plan whether you want to receive it for the next year, try out one box first or subscribe to 3 months. It is totally up to you. The box is being delivered to your door and shipping is free.
The box is anywhere from £22.50 upwards. If you sign up for their newsletters, they will send you on a code to get the first box 50% cheaper.

So these were the things I had in my box…



Taggies:  I have heard a lot about taggies. It is a good comforter for babies. Matthew never used one so I am really happy about this pick as I am hoping Chloe will like her taggy blanket once she is able to grab things. 10 out of 10.



Shea Mooti Bath & Shower Gel: This gel smells gorgeous. I cannot wait to try it out in the shower or drop it into a nice warm bath. The company is Shea Mooti. I haven’t actually heard of them before but they seem to specifically for babies and pregnant woman/ mums to be. This gel has a hint of mandarin oil in it and filled with soothing Aloe Vera. Sounds like a relaxing time. I think I will definitely browse more of their range.



Shea Mooti “Give Mama a break” Relaxing Candle: The smell is lovely. It is Grapefruit, Geranium and Lavender. Personally I am not a big fan of candles. I don’t use them really. I have battery operated candles in the house. For that reason this is of not much really. I have other scented candles in the house I have never used.

DSC05328Breastfeeding Tea: I didn’t even know such a thing exist. I don’t breastfeed so again this is of no usage to me.



Ellie & Raff Rattle: This is actually so cute. It is the right size for a baby and so soft. Hopefully Chloe will take to it and like it as much as I do.

So what conclusion did I come to… They are nice products but nothing mad I would really need necessarily. It was nice to try out one of these boxes but for the price of one I don’t think I will subscribe to it in future as the stuff might be just lieing around and I won’t use it. It was a nice experience though.

Disclosure: I purchased this box myself. The photos and opinions are my very own.


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4 thoughts on “My 1st Sassy Bloom Box Review

  1. It all depends. It is all trial and error with these boxes. You might receive a box next time that is of great use.

  2. Have to say that’s what deters me. While the products might be good value for money, if you don’t need them – then they’re still a waste of money? Then again the box we received as a gift back at Christmas, I found enough things useful for it to have been good value. #triedtested

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