2 Milestones ahead of us

My not so little boy anymore Matthew is turning 3 years of age at the end of August. I can’t actually believe it. Where has the time gone. He’s such a cute little character.

Anyway, turning that age also means a few other things.

Moving into the big boy bed 


I have dragged this subject along with me as long as I could. And I shouldn’t feel bad about it to be honest. The most obvious reason why parents move their toddlers out of a cot/cot bed is, they have attempted to climb out of it. This is a sign of moving into a bed. Well, Matthew has showed no interest in that whatsoever. He is nice and snug in it and loves his sleeps. Nearly every morning this week I had to wake him past 8am. He always snuggles into the same corner. It’s so adorable.

Unfortunately though his sister is getting bigger everyday which means in the next month or so she will have to go into her own bed as she will be outgrown the Moses basket. She will take Matthew’s bed which is a cot bed.  So far I haven’t done any work on that because I am just too busy with the kids or get held up with other stuff. I will update you on the move in the next few weeks. At least we managed to get him into a proper sleep routine now.

This Thursday I am off to Dublin to get his bed in IKEA like I previously mentioned in my family haul wish list.

Potty training



This has been a subject that kept me busy for a good while. I have no idea how to approach this but people keep saying to me “do it when he’s ready”. So far he has showed no interest. He does mess with the potty sometimes and sits on it but I know if I take off trousers and nappy he will freak. Boys tend to take longer with this sort of stuff anyway. So I am planning to attempt this in the summer months. Hopefully by his birthday we have some sort of attempts.

There’s a few other small things that need attention but they can wait for now:

• Get rid of the dodie completely
• Sit on chair full time, no more high chair
• Take his fear of getting hair cuts
• Be able to walk beside parents and hold hands
• Interact more with his sister
• Start swimming
• Ride his Spiderman bike daddy got him

Have you reached any milestones with your little ones lately?

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8 thoughts on “2 Milestones ahead of us

  1. I am glad I am not the only one so. I am not worried to be honest. He doesn’t start the pre school until he is nearly 4 like because he doesn’t go to school until the age of 5.

  2. Sounds good. Thanks for the advice. 🙂 I bought a potty training sticker book ages ago. I might buy one or two more books.

  3. I hope so because he loves our bed. I don’t even think he requires the bed rail on the side. but he loves cuddling into the side like I mentioned. So we have to start off somewhere.

  4. All in good time. Enjoy your little fella.
    Sometimes when we have another baby our older child can seem so grown up, until we have ‘old’ children and remember how young our little ones were once upon a time.
    Mine loved their new beds. I hope you are as lucky.
    tric kearney recently posted…We all need hope.My Profile

  5. Don’t worry too much about potty training, boys are known to take longer than girls =] I found just letting my son get on with it was the easiest way to get him to do it, also a friend of mine has a son and my son just decided to copy him one day. I tried the whole ‘sit on the potty for five mins’ thing and it just didn’t work, just leaving him to do it and reading books about it helped him much more =] good luck!
    Adelaide Goffin recently posted…One Picture.My Profile

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