2nd Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

It is exactly two more weeks until my little baby girl turns two. Two years of age already. It has gone by so quickly. She can be a little diva sometimes and has been in her terrible two for quite some time already. But we still love her the way she is. She is our little cutie pie, our little princess. She is getting on so good with her big brother. She adores him. I mean of course there can be fight sometimes over toys or a little accident but that’s normal for siblings right?

The fact that her birthday is only 1 1/2 months after Christmas, it is kind of hard finding her a present that she didn’t already get for Christmas. I might have mentioned before that she doesn’t play with toys too much. She likes cuddling, being attached to us but pretend play. I’d say the IKEA kitchen for Christmas was probably the best investment. Nevertheless I did find a few bits and bobs for to be setup for her big day in the morning.

LeapFrog Number Loving OvenAs she loves the kitchen so much, I think the Leap Frog would be a great addition to it. It is a great toy for pretend play and comes with 16 toy pieces. The oven teaches counting and sharing. Over 30 phrases and songs warm up counting, sharing and fraction skills. Suitable for kids from the age of 2. €24.99 in Smyths

OXO Tot Booster Seat: Chloe is still sitting in her high chair. I remember Matthew was sitting in his up to the age of three. In her creche they don’t sit in a highchair at all. Instead they have little wooden chairs they can be strapped into have their dinner. I fell sometimes that she is not the biggest fan of her highchair anymore and rather would like to sit at the table with us. She doesn’t have the balance to sit on her yet so I ordered this booster seat from OXO tot which I think looks brilliant. £40 on the OXO Tot website.

Balance Bike: I regret that Matthew never had a balance bike at her age. Instead we got him a bike nearly two years ago but he is not able to peddle properly and gets fed up with it after a while. He is too old now for a balance bike unfortunately. Chloe loves being outside.  Once she she has the balance, I think she would really enjoy this wooden balance bike from Mothercare. €59.95

Cat Pull Along: We are a cat loving family and this rubbed off Chloe too. Cat was Chloe’s first word. She enjoys wearing cat orientated clothes with cats on it. Whether that’s leggings, socks or tops. Yet, she is still afraid to go too close the cat we have left. Our second cat went missing when we moved and they used to be best buddies. I think she would really enjoy pulling this wooden cat along. £14.99 from BigJigToys

Grey Star Wigwam: I always wanted to buy the kids a teepee/wigwam. This one will go well in the corner of the living room. It’s a little hide away for them to read books, play, cuddle, relax. Mainly this one is for Chloe but I know for a fact that her older brother will fight over it too. £89 from GLTC

Peppa Pig Personalized Book: I found this one just by pure chance when I was browsing Facebook on my phone the other day. It popped up in my timeline and i thought it was just perfect for her. She loved Peppa Pig. And to have a book featuring her and Peppa she will be over the moon. I picked Peppa Pig and Chloe go swimming but Penwizard has way more to choose from. £14.99 from Penwizard

11 thoughts on “2nd Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

  1. I hope I am guaranteed that she will like it too then 🙂 have to set it all up the evening before for her

  2. That’s good as I thought she might be too young. I will update you how she is getting on with it in a few weeks. x

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