4th Birthday Gift Ideas

With just 2 months left until my little baby boy turns 4, I thought about a few presents I want to get him. It’s so hard to buy for a 4 year old, especially when he already has everything. It’s so hard to believe that my first child will be turning four in such a short time. He will be starting pre-school in September. It means he is only one year away from entering big school. Of course that won’t enter my head just yet. He is such a little character. These four years have flown by and he came such a long way but I will be talk about that another time.

4th birthday ideas21. IKEA Kitchen

2 Christmases ago, Matthew got a kitchen from Lidl. It’s a plastic one and it was cheap enough. Cheap doesn’t mean it’s a bad one but after 2 years, I think I need to get him a proper wooden one. The oven constantly opens up by itself and I spent more time closing it than anything else. Chloe loves the kitchen too so if I pick up this lovely wooden kitchen from IKEA I think they will get great play out of it for years. It comes with great add ons like pots and pans, baking set or plush vegetables.

2. Educational Board Games

Now that I am closely working together with Orchard Toys, I am always keeping an eye on their games range on the website. You probably read the review recently on my blog about the new mini game range they have launched. We got to try out the original game snap as a travel sized game. I would also like to start playing Snakes and Ladders with him. This will give him the ability to count which is perfect for his pre-school year.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Up until this point we used our first generation iPad mini to play games and movies. It has not gotten to a point where even normal games take forever to load. The newest software is just not compatible with the iPad Mini. This got me thinking… it would be the perfect opportunity to buy him his own little tablet. We are a Samsung house. My hubby and I both have Samsung phones and instead of buying a new expensive iPad mini, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will suffice.

4. Bob the Builder New Toy Range

I never even thought we would watch Cartoonito. His passion for Paw Patrol is completely gone now. I mean he still plays with the existing toys he has but it is now all about construction, fixing, putting fires out. He suffered with chickenpox the last 2 weeks so we went to the Smyths Toy shop the other day and I picked up a new digger for him. He really wants some of the new toys from Bob the builder though. I am hoping they are out by the time it’s his birthday.

5. Spiderman/ Superman

Also a typical boy thing he developed. This might be because he is playing with the other boys in creche. He loves super heroes. Spiderman and Superman are his favourite. Good job we got him a Spiderman a year ago which he is now using daily. Action figures would be the perfect gift for him. We are chockablock with cars in the house. Time to make room for figures.

6. Play-Doh Ice Cream Maker

Up until this point I never had Play-Doh in our house. It’s not a thing I would do and I am not a big of arts and crafts as I might have mentioned before but this ice cream maker I know for a fact he will get ours of fun out of. He loves ice cream and he loves playing with play-doh in creche apparently.

Turning 4 also means that clothes in size 3-4 years are getting small, especially jumpers. I bought a lot of T-shirts the last few weeks, mainly because we are going on holidays at the beginning of August but for autumn I definitely need a few more jumpers in the next size up. I usually pick these up in Next or H&M.

11 thoughts on “4th Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Yeah I should have gone ahead with that one in the first place and not the plastic one. Lesson learnt. x

  2. Lucky you. I am dreading the birthday of my little girl in January. She’ll be two.

  3. Aw bet you’re feeling emotional, I did when Tyler turned 4 the other month! I was stuck on presents too, but he said he wanted trains even though he’s already got so many. So that’s what we got him! X

  4. Thats good to hear. I will definitely buy it then. The price is very acceptable too.

  5. We bought the IKEA kitchen for my son when he was about 18 months and it’s been the best buy. He still loves it at 3.5 and now his little sister plays with it too. It’s lasted really well and I would definitely recommend it.

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