5 Favourite Bath Toys

Matthew can be quite awkward sometimes whenever it is bath time before he goes to bed. He’s fighting not to have a bath but once he is in, he doesn’t want to get out. 

To keep him entertained in the bath while I am washing him and his hair, there’s a few toys I keep in a bag, hanging on the wall, that he never gets tired of playing with.

1. Squirting ducks 

Squirting-DucksRecently Matthew has figured out how to squirt these. We originally got them from tots100 when they were looking for bloggers to be ambassadors for h&a bathtime buddies. We have a few other ducks too, but I find these specifically good because the are easy to grab for little hands and easy to fill with water.

2. Thomas the tank engine bath toys


This one he received as a birthday present off a friend last year. You can fill the boat with water and put it into the windmill which will then spin around. Thomas can squirt.


You can attach this one to the wall of the bathroom. The only thing I don’t like on it, is that the suction sometimes doesn’t hold properly, but that’s with every suction products I find, reason why I’m never really a big fan of them. But because Matthew loves Thomas, I had to get him this toy too. Thomas drives down the track and you can open the barrier at the end, where he then falls into the water.

3. Boats


Nothing special about these, he just likes simply driving boats over the water.

4. Foam letters/numbers

61jMZrkR5dL._SL1049_We haven’t used these much yet but he has been asking for them quite a few times when he was in the bath. He knows his numbers so I think it’s time that he picks up on the letters and starts learning his abc. They simply stick to the bathroom wall, once wet. Genius.

5. Singing duck


Matthew is getting a bit too old for this one but he still likes turning it on, listening to the music and drowning it because the music sounds different under water.

Does your little one have any favourite bath toys? I’d love to add on and get a few more. 

2 thoughts on “5 Favourite Bath Toys

  1. I seen a photo of all your bath toys today. Matthew has nowhere near that. Need to get him more. xx

  2. Great post, we have some of these like the squirting and singing duck! I love the look of the Thomas bath toys, Ethan would love those!xx

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