5th Birthday Present Ideas

I can’t believe I am actually writing this. My little baby boy is going to turn five at the end of this month. It is kind of a big deal. It means he is going to start big school just days after his birthday. Not sure if he is ready, or if it just me that is not ready to let him go to big school. I am sure he will do just fine. For his birthday we are planning to have it in a play centre with all his creche friends. His actual birthday is the day after which is a Monday. I am not going to overdo it with presents but I would like to treat him with two or three that he will enjoy and not just play with once.

Superhero Pinball

A new favourite of Matthew’s. They have a little pinball machine in creche. It looks like he is playing with it every now and again. He has been asking me to buy it for him multiple times. It doesn’t cost the world so will more than likely make it onto the birthday table. I am trying to find a proper one though, so it doesn’t break that quickly. Not an easy task I have to say.

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Matthew is just slightly obsessed with Robots in Disguise at the moment. It was Rescue Bots for a good bit but he moved on from it pretty quickly. He still plays with the cars occasionally but he thinks Robots in Disguise toys are “big boy” toys and are just way more grown up. He has been asking for Grimlock multiple times. Some of these toys are actually very difficult to transform. I even had my difficulties with it.  Luckily I found a Grimlock that can be changed into a dinosaur in just one step.

Cars 3 Turbo Racers

When Matthew was a bit younger, he used to be terrified of remote control cars. I suppose they are quite noisy. Lately he has taken a liking to them. Particularly since he has been to a couple of play dates. A few weeks ago we’ve been to the cinema to watch the new Cars 3 movie. I found the new Turbo Racers range on the Smyths website. I’d say any remote control car will do him but I don’t want to go too cheap on one as it might break very quickly. If your child has one that has been going for months/years, let me know.

Magic Tracks

I first seen this track when I attended the Blog on Conference in Manchester. Since then they have been on TV and are available in a lot of toy stores. I know they are suitable from 3+ years but the fact that you can move the tracks and they glow in the dark, I think Matthew would enjoy this. He has a lot of tracks at home and none of them were ever a waste of money. Everything still gets played with.

Hot Wheels Speedtropolis Blitz Playset

Matthew has so many different Hot Wheels cars, thanks to his godfather. I picked some up myself when I was in Germany for a visit. they are quite handy and nice to hold in small hands. He plays with them a lot. Even when I was a small child, I had a bag of them. He is really good at imagining all different scenes and tracks but I think this playset specifically for the Hot Wheels cars would be brilliant. Not too expensive by the way at €19.99.

Star Wars Lightsaber

The reason why I have this on the list is because he enjoys playing it whenever he is over in his cousins house. They have a whole selection of them and it’s only right to gift him with his own one. I just hope baby cat and Chloe stay clear of it.

Is there anything you would add to the list for a nearly five year old?

8 thoughts on “5th Birthday Present Ideas

  1. I still have to plan his party and the day after. He will have two parties really.

  2. It all depends Becky.
    There was no way I could have sent Matthew at the age of 4. He wouldn’t have been able to cope. Even now I have my doubts but I am sure it will be okay overtime.
    In Ireland, you get a free pre school year and you are only entitled to that from a certain age and it depends what month and year the child was born in.
    Next year for example it all changes, as children can get up to two year.Chloe can benefit from this. x

  3. That’s good to hear. i dont want to get him too much because there are 7 people coming to his party so he will be overwhelmed with presents. xx

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