6 Soups you have to try this Season

The weather has gone a bit mad in the last two weeks. One time it’s warm and sunny and next thing you have to get the warmer coats out again. We are definitely in autumn now. Once it becomes colder outside, I love trying out new soups. Maybe it’s just me. In fact I am eating a lot of soups when we reach autumn.

I am generally not the biggest cook but soups are supposed to be easy to make, right? A few vegetables here and there and then you just need to blend it. I haven’t done a Pinterest inspired post in a while. I am trying to cook a bit more healthy this season and introduce the kids to different soups. As a child I used to love my granny’s soups which are also on this list. Apart from getting soup every Friday in creche, I don’t think I ever gave my kids soup. Mainly because the refuse to eat it. But that’s always the case… they eat everything just fine in creche and once they come home, it’s refuse black.

German Sausage & Barley Soup

One of my favourite soups as a child. Not as easy to recreate when you live in a different country other than Germany but yesterday evening I did my grocery shopping and I managed to pick up most ingredients. I was mean to make this soup a long time ago but it just kept dragging out. You need a bit of time making this. I am going to give this a go at the weekend and you can follow me on my Facebook page to see how I got on with it. Barley is probably my favourite in soup. Recipe found here.

German Potato Soup

Staying in my home country there is another soup my granny used to my quite frequently. Potato soup. There are many different ways to make potato soup. I do like the potato soup you get in Ireland in cafe’s or restaurant. But you can definitely not beat German potato soup. By the way you may have already noticed that us Germans like to have sausages pretty much in nearly every soup that exists. It applies to the next soup recipe, too. Recipe found here.

German Pea Soup

My grandad used to have this pea soup quite a lot. It’s actually available in huge tins in the super market in Germany which are just as nice as making it from scratch. And of course it’s a lot easier, as you just have to open up the tin and heat it up. As well as peas, this soup also contains a lot of vegetables, as well as smoked ham. You don’t need to add meat to it though. It’s just as nice without it. Recipe found here.

Broccoli Cheese Soup

It’s funny… I have never been a fan of broccoli until I moved to Ireland. It’s in so many variety of dishes over here. I would even go that far it’s one of my favourite vegetables to eat. Broccoli soup with cheese sounds yummy and also easy. Who doesn’t like an easy recipe. And the whole family gets a good amount of iron intake. Recipe found here.

Creamy Vegetable Soup

Th typical traditional vegetable soup had to be on the list too of course. I don’t like a soup too watery if there is nothing chunky in it. That’s why a creamy vegetable soup is a must. My favourite ever vegetable soup was in a shopping centre in Sligo. Recipe found here.

Tomato Basil Soup

I love tomato soup with some creme fraiche in it. It gives the soup that bit of extra taste. I also like some herbs in it like parsley. Recipe found here.

Do you make soup from scratch much? What’s your favourite soup?

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