8 Disney Inspired Halloween Crafts


With preparation for Halloween truely under way for most people, I thought I share with you some craft ideas. A craft idea with a twist. Recently I was browsing my Facebook timeline, as you do. I came across a cool craft idea from the Disney page. This gave me the idea to do some research online for Disney inspired Halloween crafts. I grew up with Disney. My mum brought me to Disneyland when I was about eight years of age. I had a lot of Disney clothing. She even knitted a jumper for me with Donald Duck on it. I still have that now. Chloe is yet too small for it.

1. Pumpkin Tsum Tsums


I know we are busy mad with the house move and all but in case I do get a minute to myself the coming weekend or even the week ahead I would l really love to try out making one of these pumpkin tsum tsums. Has to be Minnie and Mickey though so both kids are not left out. Chloe loves her Tsum Tsums and her collection is growing. We have actually started buying the bigger Tsum Tsums that make a sound when you press their belly. You can follow the instructions on how to make this pumpkin here.

2. Mickey Mouse Bats


Check out these cute Mickey Mouse Halloween bats. And they are so easy to make. I can see my four year old enjoy doing these and hanging them all around the house. Find the instructions here.

3.  Ghost Leaves


Matthew loves collecting leaves. Each morning before he has heading to creche, he has to pick up a leaf outside our house or outside the creche. He will not go into his class until he got one. He must have a huge collection of leaves in his box at this stage. Because he loves leaves so much, these cute leaves that look like ghost would be make the perfect craft idea for him the coming weekend. Instructions and what you will need here.

4. Halloween Banner


Every year we have the same banner hanging over the door. As we are moving house, I think this is the perfect opportunity to mix things up a bit. I really like this “The Night Before Christmas” inspired Halloween banner. The fact that it’s  black and white makes it extra spooky. You don’t need much. Instructions can be found here.

5. Minnie’s Witch Hat


Check out this cool witch hat in Minnie Mouse style. Achievable with simple black card board and the help of an adult of course. Super cute with the bow on it. Can be found here.

6. Mickey’s Pumpkin Patch


This one is a bit more difficult to achieve and involves a bit of baking. When I saw this it reminded me of my childhood. I used to lick the salty dough. I am sure I am not the only. It was so much fun decorating it. I used to go to this place in town which was something like a camp but you can go in in anytime during your holidays and they had arts and crafts on the whole day. It was brilliant. If you want to try out these these cute Mickey Mouse pumpkins, follow the link here.

7. Mickey & Friends Trick or Treat Bag


Whether your child needs a trick or treat bag when he is going out knocking on people’s door, you want a cute idea for a Halloween Party or even fill these bags with sweets and give it out to the kids when they knock on your door. Easy peasy made here. Two Halloweens ago I made small little boxes for all the neigbourhood kids. That way they all get the same amount and nobody is fighting.

8. Disney Mini Pumpkins


Why not purchase a few mini pumpkins and decorate them as Tinkerbell, Pluto, Mickey Mouse or 101 Dalmations. It makes beautiful decoration out the front door and will surely get attention from neighbours walking by. If you want to know how to make these, simply follow this link.

Are you planning to do any Halloween orientated arts & crafts with your kids this season?

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