8 Things I did different with my Second

8 things I did different

Chloe’s first year has passed already and I can see such a difference in how Matthew’s behaviour was at that age and how Chloe is compared to him now. They say don’t compare your kids because each child is different anyway but when it was kind of interesting to see how different siblings can be.

1. Bottle intake

First child: Matthew was always a fan of his bottles. Unless he was sick or off form, he generally finished a whole 8 Oz bottle. His last bottle was only dropped when he turned 2 years of age.

Second child: Chloe was never a fan of bottles, mainly because of her colic and possible reflux. Up to 3 weeks ago Chloe was on 2 bottles, a morning and an evening one. She recently had a stomach/vomiting bug and any dairy went right through so we kept her off it. Only since this weekend she’s back on milk but I haven’t introduced the bottle again. Probably the best way to get rid of them because she’s not missing them. Also she’s eating so much in the morning that she doesn’t require one any more.

2. Cot bed

First child: Matthew was such a chilled and relaxed little guy. He moved into his own room/ cot bed when he was only 4 months old. I know to some that might sound very early. He loved it though. I remember the first night really well. He had such a great sleep. He had no intention of moving into his own bed any time soon and he was never that kind of child who is trying to climb out of it. 2 months before his 3rd birthday we had to make the big move though. Main reason was because Chloe needed it now as she was getting too big for moses basket.

Second child: Chloe on the other hand I didn’t move into her cot bed until she was 6 months old. She lasted in her moses basket until then surprisingly. She was always very clingy.

3. Cot mobiles

First child: You want to do everything perfect when you become a first time mum. That includes all the cute clothes, accessoires and toys. I got Matthew a cot mobile that plays music to try and get him to fall asleep himself. We had a Winnie pooh projector and day and night time that plays music and displays images to the wall.

Second child: I had no real intention to use a cot mobile for Chloe. Matthew sleeps like a rock, whereas Chloe could be woken by anything. A plain cot with her sun teddy that winds up is plenty.

4. Bedtime Routine

First child: When Matthew was around the age of 14 months, we stupidly introduced the rocking chair for him to falls asleep. This went on an on until he was 2 1/2. Every single night, some nights you might have been lucky and he fell asleep on the bottle but the older he got, the more difficult it got. Soon after we introduced the controlled crying routine and we never look back.

Second child: Chloe’s routine is simple. Some nursery rhymes on YouTube to bring the calmness in and then off to bed. I turn on the sun multiple times and she’s generally asleep 10-20 minutes later. She does wake/cry multiple a night but we’re just used to it at this stage. Most of the time it’s her dodie that fell out.

5. Car seat

First child: Guidelines regarding forward facing seats have changed in the last 3 years and have become stricter. I followed advice and moved Matthew into a forward facing seat at 9 months. He was the weight as well.  He filled out the infant car seat so there was no other way.

Second child: This time I wanted to get as much time as possible out of the infant car seat. Chloe’s body shape is a bit different as to how Matthew’s was. We managed to hold off the forward facing car seat until she was 13 months old. She loves it now. So much more to see and she can mess with her big brother in the back.

6. Doctor’s appointments

First child: Child is coughing, child has a temperature, child doesn’t eat,… The list continues. You went to the doctor about every little thing.

Second child: There is an advantage to the time you went to the doctor with your first about every little thing. You know all cures to all symptoms. If child takes fluid into them, stays hydrated all good. Matthew’s been on so many antibiotics the first 2 years, some of them were probably unnecessary.

7. Food/Milk accidents

First child: He got up a bit of milk, time to change his sleepsuit again.

Second child: It’ll be grand. Some baby wipes and a bit of rubbing and scrubbing and it’s like brand new, better than a crying baby who hates getting dressed and also less washing.

8. Sterisilising

First child: Omg, his dodie fell on the ground!! Quickly under the water and every now and then put them all in the dodie tree to sterilise them.

Second child: Dodie fell on the ground. Wipe the dirt away. Nobody dies from a bit of dirt, in fact it cleans your stomach. That’s what they say.

11 thoughts on “8 Things I did different with my Second

  1. It’s interesting to read the differences between the two. We plan to try for another baby next year. We have been so lucky with Dex, he sleeps, always happy, eats everything, no illness or reflux or anything and I think oh god, there’s no way we will be so lucky next time ??

  2. I think everyone can relate to this, you definitely do things very differently with your second. By the time you get to your fifth like me you just give up on most of these things altogether! HA! #MMWBH

  3. Hahaha love the last one!
    So true, after having our two girls I can relate so much to your points 🙂 it’s funny how we do things so differently second time round! Xx

  4. Great post interesting to see the differences with each child. Will be interesting when we have another child with what we do differently

  5. Lovely post, the bit about the food accidents with the second child made me laugh! I was definitely more relaxed with my Daughter than my Son and a baby wipe can fix most things.

  6. Great post. It’s really interesting to see what’s changed and how you’ve done things differently. There will definitely be things I’ll do differently when I have other children. Sterilising is one of those and I agree about the cot mobile don’t think I ever used Amelia’s! X

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