9 Kids Halloween Books We Enjoy


As we are nearly in the middle of October already, I thought I might share with you what Halloween based books we took out this evening. I was meant to do this at the weekend but other things got clearly in the way. I am a big fan of themed kids books. It makes reading so much more fun and explaining the whole story to them.

Yesterday evening, other than blogging, I also spent it by browsing for new books on Amazon. I discovered three new ones which I am really happy about it. I am trying to mix it up a bit. Especially now that the sterling is so low when our currency in Ireland is Euro. It’s mad how much it sunk, you are better off shopping on all UK websites now.  I have heard people shopping in the UK Next website instead of the Irish one. Of course the delivery will take one or two days longer but if it’s cheaper why not.

I got Peppa’s Pumpkin Party in last year’s Amazon order. It’s a board book that I can pass onto Chloe now when Matthew is not interested in Peppa Pig that much anymore. He does like the Halloween themed pumpkin party in it though that Daddy and Mummy Pig planned.

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere is a book I received for review last year. We read it so much last October that Matthew knew it off by heart. This evening we read it for the first time again in a year. He did recognise the  book but  he couldn’t remember the words in it. I am sure it will come to him again once I read it a few times.

The Spooky House is going to be a new book too our Halloween book collection. It should arrive at the end of this week hopefully. It has flaps to lift which are full of spooky surprises. The story behind this book is about a party with different characters like Willa the witch.

Another book that will be new two our collection is Little Cat. It’s a finger puppet book. Mainly bought for Chloe to interact with and she absolutely loves cat. I’d say this is going to be her favourite book once it arrives. We already have several other finger puppet books and she finds them all hilarious.

I bought Ten Little Monsters to mix it up for Matthew. We have one from this series already called Ten Little Dinosaurs. I read it so often to him, I could read the whole story to you with my eyes closed. I am really looking forward reading this one to him.

Last year when I was browsing around our little town, I went to, what was then the new shop Dealz. Everything is €1.50 there pretty much. Sometimes they have really good deals on children books. I picked up The Haunted House for absolutely nothing basically. The board book is in a shape of a haunted house. It’s pretty cool.

You can find a selection of Julia Donaldson books in our house. Room on the Broom is one of them. We actually have the interactive version of it which has different sounds on the side. You play them as you read the story and it has a little icon beside it to show you which one you have to press next.

Little Monster and the Spooky Party is another flap book. Discover treats and little monsters friends hiding behind closed doors. We are looking forward when this arrives on our door step.

Last but not least Spooky Spells. A very short board book which I picked up together with the Haunted House in Dealz last year. The kids enjoy it and that’s the main thing no matter how short it is.

What books do your little ones enjoy this season?

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  1. I seen that a lot of bloggers seem to be reading that one to their kids. I actually never heard of it. I must give it a try. x

  2. I have actually only ever read that story once because it is quite long. So now that my son is four years old he might be more interested in longer stories.

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