A Day in Life of Janine’s Little World

I have blogged about so many things the past year but I’ve noticed after all those posts I have never shared a day how life is in our house. Before I start I have to say that the daily life is different during the week than it is at weekends so I’m going to share my week one first.


7 am is our wake up call. It is hard to imagine that I am able to get up at such an early time. Prior to having my children I tried to sleep in as long as I could before starting work at 8/8.30am.
At this time I am getting Chloe dressed and feeding her the bottle while Matthew is watching Mickey Mouse on Mammy’s bed and having a banana, cracker or roll. When I am finished, I am putting her on my bed and get Matthew ready.


Chloe is usually falling asleep on the bed and Matthew and I are going downstairs and I am making his breakfast which can be anything from Cheerios to Coco Pops to Chocolate Spread toast. If daddy is not working away then he is minding Chloe while I am dropping Matthew off to creche/nursery for 9am. When I come back I have my breakfast, daddy is going off to work and I have some me time until Chloe wakes up.



Chloe will wake up around this time and she is getting another bottle around 11 or 11.30am. After this she is getting some play time and mammy is having some lunch around 12 or 12.30pm. Sometimes we are going into town after her bottle to get a few tasks done.


Depending on what mood Chloe is in we might be out for an early walk. For example today she has been teething the whole day so we went out for an hour walk. Other than that she gets a nap on the bed until her next bottle while I am doing the dishes, clean up or do the washing.


Bottle time again around 3-3.30pm. After it I normally prepare dinner for Matthew and we chill out a bit before picking him up from creche/nursery.


Once Matthew is picked up from creche/nursery he is allowed to watch a bit of TV which is “Curious George”. He is obsessed with that TV programme. He gets his dinner around 5.30pm. Depending on the weather, we are going out in the garden after dinner to play in the sand pit or whatever else he likes to do (Chase the poor cat).


Chloe is having another bottle at 6.30/7pm. She is getting very difficult in the evening time so it is hard to keep her entertained then but Baby TV does the trick sometimes. Matthew comes in from the garden around 7pm and gets a biscuit. Every 2-3 days he is having a bath.


Matthew is getting ready for bed which means I am putting his pyjamas on, brushing his teeth and read story downstairs. He is always in bed by 8pm if not even before that. One child down, one to go. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks or so that she always seems to fall asleep around 9pm. I don’t think she will sleep through the night though if she doesn’t get another bottle.


This is when Chloe is getting her last bottle of the day. I usually change her nappy and feed her then. She wakes up from it but she falls asleep on the bottle which makes it pretty easy to get her to go bed. Right now she is still in her moses basket but tonight is probably the first time she will move into her own room in the cot bed. I don’t even know how she still fits into her basket as Matthew moved into his room when he wasn’t even 4 months old but then again he was a very easy child with no colic nothing.

So that’s my life during the week. Is your routine any different during the week?

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