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I have finally taken the plunge and decided to film the kids playroom. This means I have taken to YouTube. I won’t be doing any talks on it. It is simply dedicated to room tours of the house and days out. It is so nice to move into a brand new house and you can start decorating every single room from scratch. It’s much easier than rather starting on a house you lived in. This generally involves repainting, throwing stuff out etc. The paint in our new house is the same throughout. It’s a greyish colour. I really like it and for that reason I decided not to paint any room in the house and just rather decorate or use stickers.

We have been living in the new house five full months now. After five months I can finally say that the playroom is complete (Well apart from the lighting hubby gives out about). With the video below I thought I would take you into the kids playroom and show you what’s inside and where I picked up what in case you find some inspiration and want to do similar.

As you come in on the left hand side of the room, I have created a little seating area for them. Both shelving units left and right of the window are from Argos.
The one in the middle I bought from IKEA. On top of the unit is a cushion I got custom made from a company called eFoam. Late last year I published a post on how to make this yourself which you can read again here if you like. The cushions, to match the room, are from a local store. I think it might have been Woodies DIY.

Along the next wall we added the IKEA kitchen, a table and two chairs where they normally have their lunch, snack or dinner occasionally. Sometimes they also just sit there to watch some TV or colour in. In the corner is another storage unit with three canvas boxes inside, purchased from Argos (not available anymore). The rest is mainly all toys located below the TV. At the start I wasn’t sure whether to add a TV to the playroom or leave it. Chloe is not into watching TV anyways and Matthew generally watches his show in the living room. The TV in the playroom is generally on for Chloe to listen and watch nursery rhymes as she is more into music.

The road sticker is from Kid’s Prints. I haven’t got around to add another one for Chloe on the other side of the wall but it is on my to do list.

Both kids also have an armchair from IKEA to relax. It’s actually not in use that much anymore. They have too much fun playing together. (killing each other over a toy)

This week or early next week I am finally getting my new camera. I am hoping to take better quality videos then. If you have any questions about any item in the video, please feel free to ask.

Do your kids have a playroom, if so is it themed?

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  1. what a lovely playroom we wont have one in the new house for now until we have a conversion done! either in the loft or the whole front of the house still haven’t decided yet!

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