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Recently I have blogged about the Christmas presents I got. One of them was a new laptop. I have been using it every day ever since I got it.

I know that some of you were thinking of getting a new one, maybe because either it is broken, unusable or you simply want to treat yourself.
The main reason why hubby got me a new laptop was so I can blog better and I have to say it is so much better than doing it on the phone even though I do use my phone for everything.

ACER Aspire V3-112p 11.6” Touchscreen Laptop



I am a big fan of Acer. I think they are the best company when it comes to laptops and lasts the longest.

The screen dimension on the Acer is 11.6 inch. Perfect size in my opinion, not too big and not too small.
It has a built in 500GB hard drive which is pretty good for such a small device. It will take me a while to fill that up.
The highlights are obvious:
– It has a touchscreen which allows me for example to scroll through tweets quicker. It is so handy. It comes with Windows 8.1 and at first I have never wanted to get a new laptop that has Windows 8 on it but I have to say I am quite impressed with it and once you are used it for a few weeks, you are getting use to it easily.
– Another highlight is the battery life. It lasts up to 7 hours! That is with the full brightness on.

– I had a bigger Acer laptop before this one and the keyboard on it was horrendous. You couldn’t type fast at all without missing a letter. The keyboard on the Acer Aspire is lovely. It is perfect for blogging.


It only weighs… wait for it… 1.39kg.


One of the features is the SD card slot on the side.

Laptop4On top of that it has 2 USB ports, HDMI port and ethernet port in case you ever need to hook into a network.
So over all I am very happy with my present. The Acer and I will have many evening of blogging together.
In case you are thinking of purchasing one you can do so in PC World UK or for residents in Ireland PC World Ireland.

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4 thoughts on “Acer Laptop – Review

  1. Gosh it’s very lightweight isn’t it? It looks a really good option, and definitely one I will bear in mind when we need a new laptop. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Ohh that looks and sounds brilliant!
    I have an ACER Aspire…An older one and they are a great brand….My laptop is about years old and is still going. Just. lol

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