Afternoon Tea in Tinakilly Country House

I did it again. Just over a month later I am back to enjoying some afternoon tea.  This time with my sister in law. Along side she took her daughter and the daughter’s friend. This one was actually not on my afternoon tea bucket list which I published at the beginning of this year. But hubby’s sister brought my attention to it and I really liked the look of it so I thought I’d go for it. It’s a very vintage place and popular for wedding venues as well.

Tinakilly Country House is located in beautiful County Wicklow. For me it was an hour’s drive which is not too bad I think. We didn’t get to explore their gardens but I got a glimpse at them and it looked amazing. We had a lovely day as well and the sun was shining which makes it look even more beautiful. Their afternoon tea is available seven days a week from midday onwards. You pay €18 per person

I booked a slot for 3pm last Sunday. As a special request we wanted to sit beside the fire because it seem it’s more spacious there and less noisy. That day there was a communion on and both, bar and restaurant was packed. We got away from all that and were able to relax on the couches.

A lady came to setup the table for afternoon tea. She presented us with China dishes. As an afternoon tea expert at this stage now, this is a must. We were asked whether we want to have tea or coffee. The kids were also offered hot chocolate instead if they wanted to.

Shortly after all the goodness arrived. My first impression was that the presentation looked really good for the price we got it at.

First and second tier were pretty much identical. This was the first time I experienced this. In the past afternoon tea sittings each tier had different things on it and there would be enough for two people. Nevertheless it did taste nice. After all as I said earlier for €18 this is as good as you get. The other ones were way more pricey

Tier one contained some delicious salmon with cream cheese on brown bread. Salmon is never a miss with me. What I liked most was the coronation chicken on a white bread. It’s kinda like chicken curry. Delicious. Then there was the usual mini scone, egg mayonnaise on white bread and a cucumber sandwich.

The top tier was the sweet stuff aka. cakes. My favourite part. I do have a sweet tooth. Sometimes maybe too sweet The selection up here was carrot cake muffins, a soft chocolate madeira round cake, macaroons, a pastry with a filling inside and a mini Battenberg. My favourite one was probably the pastry and the madeira round cake. I don’t like carrot cake. I do like marzipan (German that I am) but I was not a fan of the Battenberg.

The staff were lovely and kind. The lady who looked after us always asked if we were okay and if we needed anything else. The atmosphere in the hotel is very chilled. If you are looking for a low price afternoon tea with your friends I’d recommend it.

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