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Autumn is truly with us now.  The cold wind, the dropped temperature in the morning and the cold breeze. Occasionally I even have to turn on the heating in the house. but mainly only in Chloe’s room because she is not a fan of the sleeping bag anymore since there was no need for it during the summer.  I might migrate her to a toddler blanket at some stage but she is moves a lot at night so it’s very difficult.

Matthew has outgrown nearly all of his jumpers and tops. The only thing that still fits him are all the t-shirts from the summer. He has plenty of those but unfortunately it is too cold to wear these when he is going off to creche. It might be alright when he is at home. I could combine it with a hoodie but he hates them, I am not even going to try. He is four, he has developed his own kind of fashion sense.

He is actually a skinny little thing, don’t worry I do feed him. Light tops he is still in size 3-4 years but heavier jumpers I had to buy size 4-5 years recently.

All the above is a clothing haul from Next. Some I purchased, some others I may have yet to purchase. I seem to have drifted off H&M Clothing again. They are perfectly fine for my little girl who is moving into new sizes every 6 months but for my four year old, it needs to be a bit more quality. The jumpers for older boys I don’t find that great.  I’d say it must because it’s either 2-4 years or 4-6 years. I need something in between. That’s where Next comes in handy with 4-5 years and it will last forever.

Long Sleeve Slogan Top €9: Matthew already has a T-Shirt with this writing.  It really describes what he loves. How can you not want this. This jumper is actually light enough and perfect for autumn. Once it arrived in our house he started wearing it basically.

Teal Long Sleeve Dinosaur T-Shirt €7.50-€9: Dinosaur print seems to be the new trend at the moment. I see dinosaur tops and leggings and jackets everywhere. We have a little collection of our own dinosaur clothing now. I like this one and it glows in the dark. Matthew has a top with a moon on it from H&M that glows in the dark. He will love this one. He goes into the bathroom and turns off the lights to see it.

Navy Printed Car Crew €13.50-€15: With a cute car print on it, this jumper will your little boy nice and cosy in autumn and in the winter time. It’s on my list to buy. I really like the detail on it. A monkey, a mouse and a crocodile driving on the car. Cuteness overload.

Green Long Sleeve Roar T-Shirt: Lovely light top with a dinosaur slogan printed on it. He wore this a few times already. He loved it that much, he had to show his little sister and kept saying “Look Chloe”.

Rust/Navy Printed Skinny Joggers Two Pack €20.50-€23.50: I find joggers the most comfortable trousers ever. I don’t see why they should be stuck in jeans, everyday seven days a week. Especially on weekends joggers are a big thing in our house. I really like these printed skinny car joggers. He will look super cute in them.

Lined Boarders €15-16.50: What I like about these is they still look casual. I still buy Matthew the trousers with the waistband because it seems most comfortable on him. The ones with the button fall down on him and he is too young to be able to close and open a button, never mind a belt.

Navy Four Pocket Waxy Jacket €43-€46: I have been looking for a nice autumn jacket for quite some time now. I don’t know why it is so hard. It’s either rain jackets or really puffy winter jackets which is way too warm for this weather. I bought this jacket. I liked the look of it. To be honest, it is still a bit warm and in the mean time I got his winter jacket out from name it which is actually lighter. So we swap them around and use this one for the colder days. It has a cosy fleece hoodie.

Ochre Long Sleeve T-Shirt €10.50-€12: This top is pretty much identical to the Roar one. The only difference obviously is that this one has a smiley face on it.

Teal Slogan Crew €13.50-€15: Again the dinosaur print. This is a bit of a heavier jumper. He could easily wear this with a lighter coat now but he sweats quite quick so it stays in the draw for a bit longer.

Have you bought any nice bits for your kids this autumn? 

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  1. Next have got some fantastic clothes at the minute for kids. I’m really impressed with them and like you’ve I’ve gone right off h and m. Love what you’ve picked out

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