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Anyone that has been reading my blog for over a year now knows that I am a big Halloween fan. It comes very close to Christmas. I just love all the little crafts and decorations you can put up. Every year I am adding more and more decorations to my collection even though we clearly have enough (that’s what hubby tells every year anyway).

As part of Halloween, this is usually the time I like browsing on Pinterest to find a couple of crafts to do with Matthew. Last year he wasn’t able to do crafts just yet, but I think this year he is ready for it and I hope we will get a moment to sit down at the big kitchen table and do some of these.

  1. Spider Web Popsicles


This is so simple but yet so cute. Spider webs created with popsicle. Buy roll of white wool for the web and there you have it. Found here.

2. Halloween Bingo


The reason why I found this so great is because it is not only Bingo  but it is also education for the kids and they learn about different things and character of Halloween. I basically works like memory and if you found one that has been shown you can put a sweet on it. Once you have a row complete you can shout bingo. I am a big  bingo fan myself. Found here.

3. Paper Plate Witch


Draw around your kids hands on orange paper and draw a hat on black paper. You need a paper plate which is the witches face. Paint it green and cut out the hands and witches hat. Glue it all together and draw the witch eyes, nose and a mouth and one tooth ( what the witches are famous for). Found here.

4. Halloween Garland


This might be a bit difficult for the smaller kids to do so I would suggest let a grown up help you with this but let the kids connect all of them with a long string and hang it up on the mantel piece. Found here.

5. Paper Plate Bat/ Pumpkin and Frankenstein


What you need for this one is very well displayed in the image above. Found here.

6. Pumkin Bowling.


Who doesn’t like a bit of bowling in the house.Why not create your own DIY Halloween Bowling with toilet paper, a pumpking and black paper to create the mouth and eyes of the toilet paper ghosts. Found here.

Have you got any crafts planned with your kids this Halloween? 

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