Back in time: Second Birthday

This post was supposed to be up yesterday but unfortunately Chloe decided to get sick. The poor little thing has a stomach bug so she needed all my attention and cuddles.

So my not so little boy turned 3 years of age today. He brought a Minion cake into creche for all his friends to share with. Tomorrow is his actually party but I will blog about it properly after.

Let’s look back on Matthew’s second birthday.



It was a day at creche for him that day and he had to bring in cake to celebrate. I bought a normal chocolate tray cake in Tesco. This would feed all kids and it didn’t have to be anything fancy.

2014-08-28 08.11.29

For his second birthday he got his own table and chair from IKEA, a little truck with his name on it and a voucher. He used the chair and table a lot but hasn’t in a while now. I need start introducing it as his dinner table maybe.


That weekend I had his party on in the house. Just like his first birthday, we didn’t do anything big and only invited grandparents and godfather. Matthew’s godmother couldn’t make it unfortunately. He didn’t understand what birthday was at that age anyway. Eating a lot of cakes and getting presents in his eyes was brilliant though. DSC04911

That time I didn’t pick any specific theme. Simply balloons, that was it. I baked a rainbow cake this time and made some lemon flavoured cupcakes.

He loved all the candles on the cake. His face lightened up.


He had a great day overall. We didn’t do anything too exciting

He really is looking forward to his third birthday party tomorrow. You can tell how he is growing up and starting so realise these things.

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  1. It surely is. I noticed he doesn’t look much different between the age of 2 and 3.

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