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It’s that time again… teething. Dribbles all over the clothes, drenched, constantly changing clothes, bibs or vests. This annoyed me just a little when Matthew was about 3 months old and started teething and with it came the dribbling. Shortly after I was introduced to bibs from a group of mums which catches the dribbles and doesn’t require constantly changing normal bibs. These don’t wet through at all.


Bubba Bibs was founded in 2010 by 2 mums in the UK. They started out with just 12 designs. In the meantime and to date they are now proud owners of 150 different designs. Isn’t that impressive? So, what makes these bibs so special? The top layer is made of 100% cotton. The bibs are lined with a super soft polar fleece. Meaning that the fleece stays dry. All bubba bibs come with nickel-free poppers and you have the option of 2 settings for your own child’s comfort.


As Matthew was using these bibs when he was a baby I didn’t even have to think which bibs I will use once Chloe starts teething. I even introduced my future sister in law to them and she started using them on her son. Just to give you an idea how good they are. When she was born I received a few bibs as a present off her. I couldn’t be any happier. Since then the lovely Dominique at Bubba Bibs has sent me another 3 for Chloe to trial. After 2 years of not using them, I can confirm they are still as good. I even got a personalized one that has her name on it.




The bibs I used for Matthew were quite boyish so I passed them onto someone else. At the moment I have 5 bubba bibs and that amount will certainly increase. The designs are just too cute and it is always good to have a few spare. Especially now that Chloe is starting creche/nursery in 2 weeks time.

If you check out their website, there are great offers if you want to purchase packs of them. Packs are available in quantity of 4, 5, 7, or 10. You will also get one bib free of charge with every pack. For example, if you buy 4 bibs you will receive one free of charge and also 43% off. They normally cost £16 but they are on offer at the moment at a price of £9.05 which makes this pack the most popular one.

Examples for Girls:

32 Hot Pink Stripe 35 Electro Love Pink

Examples for Boys:

9 Red & Black Stripe


Not forget to mention that delivery is FREE in the UK. Happy browsing and buying everyone.

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