What Is On My BBC {Blogger Business Card}?


A month ago I decided to get a business card for my blog. This has been on my mind quite a few times but I always forgot about it in the end. Since going to Into The West Blogger Network Birthday Bash at the beginning of May, I wanted to get my own business card. At the birthday party I was sitting at a table with a few bloggers who had their business cards with them. I was passed on their ones and they asked me if I had one. Of course I didn’t at the time and I felt a bit left out. That’s it, I needed one myself. For occasions like that you definitely need one, for blogging events in general. It could even happen that you bump into a company in town. You get talking and might end up giving them your card.

So I went online and did some research. I am kind of a perfectionist. It needs to look right. The best company I could find was Vistaprint. I’d say they are the best website when it comes to marketing.

You can choose from 3 different paper qualities. Standard, Deluxe and Ultra thick. You then get to choose a design, let them choose your design, use your own logo or import your own design. Simple navigation in my opinion. The layout can be horizontal or vertical.
Next step is the actual business card designer. Let your ideas flow. It took me a good few hours until I found the right layout of the card for myself (See told you, perfectionist!)

blogger business card2

The main focus on the top the card is my name and what I do.
In the middle of the business card, I decided to name all social media I am active on. Including my email address I can be contacted on for queries, sponsored posts and for companies who want to work with me.
On the right hand side I placed an image of me and the kids. I do change my blog profile photo quite regularly so it’s never really accurate.
Finishing it off with a black line and my blog URL at the bottom.

blogger business card3

On the other side of the card I am showing off my blog header. This is so everyone can easily identify my blog online.

Overall I am very impressed with Vistaprints service. I went with a matt finish but in case i need to order another batch, I would go for gloss finish.

Do you own a blogger business card?

14 thoughts on “What Is On My BBC {Blogger Business Card}?

  1. Yeah I don’t like too much going on it because they are small enough. x

  2. Cost me a good bit of money but it will be current for another while because she made Chloe look a bit older. x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous with all the info you need, spot on! Getting some of these is one of those things I always think about but still haven’t gotten round to doing! x

  4. Well everyone has a different taste. I think yours probably look cool too. Post one on Twitter so I can see it ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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