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A few days ago I have been tagged by the lovely Laura from Life with Baby Kicks. Don’t we all like a tag every now and then? This post is to inform everyone else out there blogger or not what life is like as a blogger and how we think.

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1. Being a blogger is… taking a photo of everything and upload it to either instagram or your Facebook page to share it with your blogging friends.

2. Being a blogger is… tidying up everything earlier in advanced before the evening starts for us parents to have even more time to blog.

3. Being a blogger is… having apps like Picsart and Afterlight on the phone to edit the photos you have just taken to make them blog compatible.

4. Being a blogger is… going for walks and thinking “oh this could be a smashing new blog post”.

5. Being a blogger is… using Twitter again daily to promote your latest written posts to the blogging world.

6. Being a blogger is… to wake up and check Bloglovin’ to see what your blogger friends have posted in the last few hours.

7. Being a blogger is… to mainly use Facebook for Blog community group purposes.

8. Being a blogger is… being excited like a kid at Christmas when a PR company contacts you via email to review one of their amazing products for FREE and to keep it.

9. Being a blogger is… my main hobby. In the last few years I haven’t had any hobbies apart from snail mail or I gave up most of them. This is something I love doing and who doesn’t love being on the social network everyday, thanks to blogging.

10. Being a blogger is… keeping a record of your child’s development and milestones forever and not just in a photo album.

That’s it from me. There is probably more but this is mainly what came into my head.

Now over to you. It doesn’t have to be exact 10 things what being a blogger is, you can write more or less.

These are the people I am tagging:

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Aby from You Baby Me Mummy
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6 thoughts on “Being a Blogger

  1. I should have tagged you in this too. Not only the people who are tagged can join. Everyone else can join in too if you want to do it. xx

  2. Blogging gave me a hobby too, I didn’t have one before I started. It’s been so great for giving me something just for myself. xx

  3. Do I love them. They help me create everything. I never do anything on the laptop regarding photos. Well sometimes pic monkey.

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