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A few weeks ago I received a happy mail in my inbox. I recently applied to be part of BigJigs Toys Play Patrol team.  Shortly after they emailed back saying they have approved me. So now I am delighted to present you with all the latest BigJigs Toys and review them for you in detail.

We were sent a tea set, part of their new Green Toys range which comes all the way from the USA. My daughter Chloe (two years old) is currently big into role play and pretend play. It seem it’s the only thing she is interested in. She loves making stuff and pretending to eat or drink it. She sounds like the typical girl.

What makes the Green Toys range so different from all others you wonder? All of these toys are made out of 100% recycled plastic milk cartons.  Once they have gotten a sanitizing make over, every single one of these are free from BPA,

When the set arrived, Chloe got stuck into it straight away. She saw it when she came home from creche one day and wanted me to open it for her. In the kids play room we have an IKEA kitchen sitting in the corner. The tea set was a perfect addition for it. She setup the saucer and tea cup for me and poured some tea and gave me the tea spoon. She calls it “poon”.


The set comes with four saucers, four tea cups, four tea spoons, a pink tea pot (also available in blue), a milk jug and a sugar bowl. I have to say I really loved the material of this tea set. It almost feels like wood but it’s plastic, yet it’s too robust to be plastic. The tea set is also dishwasher safe which in our house is very important. Chloe can end up doing more than pretend play and puts actual food in to the tea cups for example. Everything is easy to wipe out but sometimes I prefer to give it a good wash in the dishwasher every now and again.

The tea set is available to buy on the BigJigs toys website for £21.99. It is suitable for children from the age of 2 years.

Disclaimer: I am part of the BigJigs Toys Play Patrol team. I received this product as part of it. As always this is my honest opinion given.

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