A Birthday with Bakerdays’ Letterbox Cake

It has been almost two weeks since it was hubby’s birthday. By chance we both took the day off. It wasn’t for the fact that it was his birthday. It was mainly because we had a few tasks to do that would be better to get done while the kids are in creche.

That day we actually got to spend some time together and we went for lunch. It was nice to get out as a couple for once. Hubby doesn’t want any presents when it comes to his birthday. Neither does he like to bring any attention to his birthday.  I still wanted to give him a little surprise on his special day.

When bakerdays got in touch to give me the opportunity to review their letterbox cakes, I couldn’t say no. That was definitely a birthday with a twist. Bakerdays have actually recently launched a brand new website. As well as the letterbox cakes, you have so much more choice than just that. From personalised photo cakes, over personlised cupcakes to personalised balloons. They have it all.


Ordering the cake is very easy. Simply log onto their website and you can choose from many many different designs. It doesn’t have to be necessarily for a birthday. It can be for a work colleague, for your mum etc. They have all different occasions covered. Right now you will find a lot of Mother’s Day designs on the page as Mother’s Day is only five days away.


There are six different recipes you can choose from.

  • Traditional Sponge
  • Heavenly Red Velvet (+ £1)
  • Rich Chocolate Chip (+£1)
  • Gluten Wheat Free Sponge (+ £2)
  • Dairy Free Sponge (+ £2)
  • Fabulous Fruit (+ £3)

I went for the most traditional one. Just to play save, even though I think hubby would eat any of those flavours stated above. Then it’s up to you what kind of personal message you want on the icing. As hubby is currently big into his tennis and plays at least three days a week, I thought “Tennis Champion” hit the spot.

Delivery can be expected within ten working days. The cake is all sealed which means it will be fresh for a while. It is recommended to store it in a dry place. Don’t put it in the fridge, unless you opened it. The company is based in the UK. The delivery of the letterbox cake to Ireland was only seven days which I think is pretty good.

I received a little box. Inside was a few balloons, two candles and a round tin with the cake inside. It is very cute I have to say.  In the morning, while hubby got the youngest ready upstairs, Matthew and I setup his birthday table. He was really surprised how nice the cake was. Cake in the morning is the best.

All letterbox cakes are available from £14.99.

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