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I think it’s fair to say that blogging has taken up my free time in the last few months. Even hubby can confirm.

I am known for giving up on things quickly and because I love being on the social network and working on my new laptop I think blogging should be one of my hobbies I shouldn’t give up on.

To help me with that, I have created a blogging bucket list or even blogging goals where I want to be at the end of 2015. This will help me a lot I’d say and it might be even the first thing I keep doing and not giving up on.

Some things I might not be able to tick off straight away due to our second baby being due the beginning of February but once I have found my routine it’ll be all worth it

So here we go…

1. Take part in more blog linkys.

Right now I am only taking part mainly in 3 linkys which are about blog posts. I’d like to join up to photo linkys and I have already found some really cool ones. I am really looking forward joining them. This means I get to use my amazing Sony camera again and have no excuse.

2. Reach 250 likes on Facebook.

I don’t want to go too high on these statistics because I know it’s hard to get people to like pages on Facebook.

3. Reach 250 likes on Bloglovin’

4. Become an ambassador for a company

5. Create a blog badge.ย 

I’ve been trying to work on this but always keep putting it off or I get too tired. I’d love to have my own badge so others get a chance to use it on their blog.

6. Get ranked in the top 500 TOT charts.ย 

My current ranking is 1480 so I still have a long way to go.

7. Launch one giveaway a monthย 

8. Review a product once a weekย 

I think for the moment that’s enough goals I have to work. I am looking forward to take up this challenge.

And if there is anything on my blog you don’t like or think should be improved, don’t be afraid and send me a quick email. I’d love some feedback.


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26 thoughts on “Blog Goals 2015

  1. Brilliant goals and good luck!! I’ll be inspired by yours – as so far I’ve been too lazy to come up with mine oops! Mim ๐Ÿ™‚ #MMWBH

  2. Sounds like fun. I’d love to join that. It’s good when you have a blank page in your head and you don’t have anything to write about. At least I have a linky to join. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I only started getting followers on bloglovin the last few weeks. It’s with all the linkys. Its brilliant.
    But I find Facebook hard. Twitter seems to be the way to go.

  4. Great goals! I actually find it harder to increase bloglovin than FB (did you see my post about how I increased my likes from 300-3000 last year?! Shameless advertising!), so I’m sure you’ll manage that goal!

    thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  5. Hi hun ๐Ÿ™‚ sine fantastic blog goals there. You are most welcome to join my 52 self portrait linky if you would like it’s a chance for us mums to get in front of the camera for a change! It goes live on a Monday. Tweet me if you want me to remind you hun xx

  6. Don’t we all. I always want to do other stuff in the evenings but lately I end up catching up on all the mummy blogs out there. lol

  7. Oh yeah I know once the baby is here the first few weeks will be mental. Not that it is going to be a difficult one but the fact that I have to find a routine with my other one at the same time then.

  8. Good idea to set yourself some goals if you are prone to drifting off, but don’t beat yourself up too much if something slips. I’m due with baby 2 in April and am sure the grey cloud of childbirth is going to take over for a little while. Good luck with achieving everything in the long term and with your little one!

  9. Good luck with all your blogging goals! I too spend a lot of my free time…let’s face it all of my free time blogging! lol (Visiting from MadMidWeekBlogHop!)

  10. I felt the same when I started up my blog again last year so I felt I needed some sort of guide lines for this year.

  11. Happy New Year!

    This is such a great idea and you have set yourself some great goals! Think I should do one of these too so I always have some guidance throughout the year incase I feel lost with my blog.

    All the best for the new year.


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