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January of this year I started to write down what blog goals I would like to achieve by the end of 2015. The year has flown by but I really enjoyed it and I got some great opportunity over the year to work with so many different brand, that I like, together. I also discovered a few new blogs that I am reading regularly. I still need to figure out a plan/routine how to juggle all this with 2 young kids and work but I think I nearly nailed it. I can tell you for a  fact, as I am typing, it is so much work trying to keep up with your blog when not working and minding 2 kids full time at home. I am topping my hat to all stay at home mums. I honestly don’t know how you do it and manage to blog on top of it.


But now let’s talk about the goals I achieved and didn’t do so well in.

1. Take part in more blog linkys

I have been trying to trial a few linkys over the year to see which ones suit me and which ones are not really for me. I did do Sunday Photo from One dad 3 girls quite a lot through the year but I stopped then. The linkys I am entering weekly or regularly are Share with me from Let’s Talk Mommy, The List hosted by Mums Days and You Baby Me Mummy, Siblings and Me and Mine hosted by Dear Beautiful. There are a lot more but it is really hard to keep up with them. I also hosted two of my own linkys this year. One was a Halloween based linky and the other one was all Christmas guide related. I might take a look at a few more linkys in the new year because it is nice to get your content out there. I am part of a few blogging groups on Facebook as well now to promote my blog posts which I find very handy.

2. Reach 250 likes on Facebook

To date I reached 406 likes on my Facebook page which makes me very proud. It is probably a few more because if you like a page as a page, it doesn’t count as an actual like which is a shame really.

3. Reach 250 likes on Bloglovin

I haven’t quite made that yet. I am on 152 at the moment. Bloglovin I find hard to get followers on in my opinion. Different to Twitter for sure. I didn’t set a goal on that at the beginning of this year but I reached 877 followers. Not long to go until the 1k mark. Eeek.

4. Become an ambassador for a company

Over this year I learnt that it takes a huge amount of effort to reach something like this. You have to work hard basically. I am lucky enough that I was able to work with some great companies out there and still am. My favourite one to date has to be Orchard Toys. By chance I discovered them mid year through. I am so glad I did. I can’t actually believe that we never owned any games from them before. We are now testing their games regularly and Matthew has enjoyed every single one of them.

5. Create a blog badge

I upgraded my blog design in June by the lovely Helen who is an Illustrator at Ellies Illustrates. She does amazing things and so many bloggers have come to her in the past and are in the future to get a new blog design done by her. It’s well worth the money and I love mine. She also created a badge for me which you can find on the side bar.

6. Get ranked in the top 500 TOTS Charts.

Currently I am ranked at 574. I went up and down in the ranking every month but I did realised from a few bloggers that this is not important at all to look at. Your blog is your hobby, your passion. It’s what you love to do whether you are ranked at 800 or 3. I do like to change my badge to top 500 one day though. I got into the more complicated stuff as well now. For example MozBar and Alexa Ranking. My DA is 24 at the moment. This only went up in the last couple of days. I was at 20 previous to that.

7. Launch one giveaway a month

Looking back on this, I think this is a bit unrealistic. Unless you have the money to launch one every month or a company who can provide you with a prize, it is quite hard to follow this. I did run a few competitions over the months of 2015 but not every month. There was never a real pattern to it.

8. Review a product once a week

I try to review quite a lot for my readers to give them an idea of the product and maybe purchase it. You can have a look at all my reviews in my menu bar at the top. My latest one is a Christmas Game from Orchard Toys.

Once we are in the new year I will write a new list of blogging goals which will have different aspects in it. Blogging for over a year definitely gives you more experience.

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