A Boys Transformers Themed Bedroom

A while ago I started decorating the kids bedrooms. It is a never ending project. I want it to be perfect and end up getting more little bits and pieces. But I think I finally have Matthew’s bedroom nailed. One wall still looks a bit too pale for me but I haven’t figured out what I am going to do with it yet.

Well over six months ago, Matthew started developing an interest in Transformers. I think it might have all started off when I bought a Transformers Rescue Bots toy. Back then the series only started to spread. It’s originally from America. Month after month he started collecting the Rescue Bots. He hasn’t been the best sleeper since we moved house in October and started coming into our bed each night. This is where I created a reward chart. He needed to get ten stickers in a row and when he completed this row, he was allowed to pick a Rescue Bot. It’s all he has been watching on TV. His friends in creche are into it as well. Each day he came home telling me who likes which Rescue Bot. He has his own little gang in creche and on a Friday it’s toy day. This is where they all brought in one Rescue Bot/ Transformer.

The original plan was to create a Super Hero room for him but I suppose Transformers are Super Heros too in a way. I used to be a fan of  painting walls but since we only moved into our new home in October, it was only freshly painted. I didn’t want to waste time and paint it all over again. Plus the grey in each room makes it look more modern. It seems to be THE colour these days.

In our old house both kids had a sign with their name on the door. I picked up a personalised wooden Disney font from Etsy. I will link all items I bought below this post. It didn’t come painted. I painted it myself in a Spiderman colour. I then used sticky dots and attached it to the sign as well as the door. Works a treat.

I spent a lot of time online to find the perfect stickers for Matthew’s wall. Chloe’s room already has dot so I didn’t want the same. I chose navy triangles in the end. These were also from Etsy and came in a pack of 60. It’s so easy to apply and done in minutes. The main wall decal featuring above his head is the Autobot logo which I purchased from Ebay. It is available in many different sizes and colours. I decided to go for a burgundy colour because that’s what the colour of the autbots sign is really.

Up until a few weeks ago, Matthew was sleeping in a junior bed from IKEA. It would have probably be still okay for a while but I am planning on transitioning Chloe from cot bed to junior bed soon.  So instead I bought Matthew a big boy bed which is now a single bed. This should definitely last him until he is a teenager. It’s from the Urban range in Harvey Norman. It was so easy to assemble and the quality is brilliant. Plus it really matches the colour of the room. To the right of the room Matthew has a lot of built in wardrobes. We took the changing unit with us which had three drawers but we sold it in the end because the wood just didn’t match the room at all and it also allowed more space in the room.

With the bed I also purchased the matching bedside locker. It already came assembled so I only had to take it out of the box. The bedside lamp is actually from IKEA and has been going strong for over four years. We still have the Gro Clock beside his bed. He likes turning it on every night before he goes to bed but whether it works or not I am not sure. He is up most days before the sun comes up. Nevertheless he does stay in his own bed all night though.

One of the best purchases I have ever made in his room, is probably his bookshelf from the Great Little Trading Company. It’s so robust and he loves picking his books every night. I am trying to rotate the books every now and again but I think I need to invest in some new ones. He is outgrown some of them and I have added them to Chloe’s collection.

Opposite side of Matthew’s bed is the Rescue Bot frame collection. I asked him beforehand what Transformers he wanted on the wall at the time. Bumblebee is not on it but I may have to add him too. As the wall is quite big, it still doesn’t look quite full if you know what I mean. The beauty of these frames are they are so light that I didn’t have to put a nail into the wall. Life hack sort of thing. I used one of the hooks. Basically you attach a sticker on the wall, wait, press the hook onto it and wait again. It’s strong enough to hold up these frame. I did the same in Chloe’s room and to have extra hold I stuck Bluetag on the back of the frames. (I have to give credit to hubby for the Bluetag at this point. It was his idea)

Underneath the wall is Chloe’s junior bed which will be relocated into her room very soon. The spare space will feature a desk with a chair for Matthew to do his homework on. I just think it might be quieter to do it upstairs rather than in the kitchen while Chloe is trying to distract him.  I don’t know if anyone else has experience with it. You can let me know in the comments below if it’s a waste of money to get a desk and a chair in his room.

Right now he has a wooden chest box sitting beside his built in wardrobe. I don’t like it at all. It has Mickey Mouse on it which is completely off theme. Eventually I will replace this with a more matching toy box but nothing has caught my eye just yet.

Personalised Wooden Letters – from Etsy
Autobots Logo Wall Decal – from Ebay
Transformers Bedding – from Amazon
Triangle Wall Decal – from Etsy
Bed and bedside locker – from Harvey Norman
Bookshelf – from GLTC

Does your child have a themed bedroom?

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9 thoughts on “A Boys Transformers Themed Bedroom

  1. That looks lovely! Perfect bedroom 🙂 I love the bookshelf!
    My girls don’t really have a theme anymore but I am buying little things each week to make it as a rainbow kind of theme. My little boy has a blue and grey elephant theme at the moment. x

  2. Oh wow it looks absolutely fantastic, my son would have loved this when he was younger xxx

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