Cat Clothes Obsession

Is there something you really like collecting or keep buying and you always need to have more from? It could be statues, it could be pens or it could be the newest phone you need to catch up on every year.

For me at the moment it is cat clothes for Chloe. When I say cat clothes I don’t mean dress up clothes I mean anything that has a cat design on it.

It all started 3 months ago when I started buying Chloe proper clothes in Next other than being in sleepsuits all the time. They had this cute set of a t-shirt and leggings with cats all over. I was automatically in love with it. I have to admit that I don’t really dress her in proper dresses yet. I like dressing her comfy in leggings and a top. Simple and comfortable for her. Tights can be too tight on the stomach in my opinion and her stomach can be upset quite a few times now that she has been on solids the last 1 1/2 months.

Since then I have been looking out for cat design t-shirts, leggings, jackets etc. After spotting the first thing in the Next I picked up the next design in Tesco and then a few days after I went to Mothercare as there was a sale on and I got a lot of cute T-shirts with cat designs.


When I was over in Germany 2 weeks ago to visit my friend we went shopping as you do as girls. We went to H&M and I got her more cat stuff. H&M in fact has a lot of cat stuff at the moment. I only got a few bits but I will probably pick up more soon.

2015-07-29 16.02.15

How cute is this jumper with the little bow on it? She looks so pretty in it. It’s funny because she actually loves playing and holding on to the bow too and today was the first time she wore this jumper.


Chloe is currently in size 6-9 months, nice and snug by the way, so I bought this cat cardigan the next size up so she gets longer wear out of it.

As Chloe will be starting crèche on Tuesday I ordered her more long sleeve tops because at the moment she only has a lot of T-Shirts. It is fine with a cardigan on but sometimes it doesn’t go with the T-Shirt and a cotton long sleeved vest I find too warm. And you probably guessed already. I bought a set of 3 long sleeve tops which includes 2 tops with cats on it.



I have just been on H&M actually and they have new arrivals with more cat tops and dresses. Oh my poor purse.

Is there a specific character or design you keep buying for your children to wear?

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