Chloe is 1 week old



Can you actually believe it… Chloe is already a week old! That week went so fast.

She’s been at home since Tuesday evening. Unfortunately she is a night owl which means she sleeps all day and come the evening she is kicking up and cries the house down. The only good thing about it is that her big brother is not bothered by it at all and doesn’t wake from it. I haven’t been getting much sleep at all because of it but that is to be expected the first few weeks. I am not used to it at all anymore considering Matthew is already 2 1/2 it’s been a while. Last night might have been the worst. I had an hours sleep but hubby took her then and I caught up with another 2. Keeps me going.

On Wednesday the public health nurse came to the house to check on Chloe.
She now weighs 3.3 kg and is 48cm long. She hasn’t lost much weight at all. It will be interesting to see how much she put on in a week as she is coming again on Tuesday.

On Thursday the public health nurse came again to do the heal prick test on her. She was a good girl. Not a peep out of her. The next appointments on the list for the coming week will be her first vaccine (BCG shot), registering her so she is official and hearing test.

Daddy is off the coming week which is a big help. That way I can get into some sort of routine when he is away the odd night. Matthew is still in creche 5 days a week so that makes things way easier.

At the weekend we had a few visitors and today we went for our first family walk. Matthew loved it.



She is a very strong girl. Whenever she is up on my shoulder she constantly lifts her head.

The feeding is going well. Chloe is getting a bottle every 4 hours and at the moment she can take up to 80ml.

She doesn’t take to the dodie too well. The hospital has given me one they use and that stays in at least for a bit but the ones I have at home whether it’s silicone or latex she does not like at all. Hopefully that changes as I think dodies are great for self soothing.

Let’s see what happens in the next week. I will keep you posted.

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