Chloe’s Claim to Fame

As I previously mentioned in one of Chloe’s developmental updates on the blog we attended a photo session with Chloe in the middle of April in Charlestown Co. Mayo. It is about 40 minutes drive from where we live. The girl who is taking the photos is called Olga Klofac. The name might sound familiar to you as we got photos taken with Matthew a year ago too. You can see and read about it here in case you have missed it.

Her website is
Her Facebook page is

So we came along to her session on a Tuesday morning at 10am. For these kinda sessions you would need to allow up to 3 hours as some newborns might need a feed in between or need more comforting. Lucky enough the session with Chloe only took an hour.

Here is the result:


Pure cuteness I have to say.

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Never mind the state of us in this one but Chloe looks lovely.


Mammy and Chloe


Daddy and Chloe

The reason why I like having sessions done in Olga’s house is because all photos are so natural. For example, as you can see in Chloe’s photos all she used are wraps and lovely looking headbands and nothing ridiculous like crazy looking dresses or these other kind of clothing you often see in America.

At Matthew’s session we have received a CD with all the photos on it. Now Olga upgraded and she sends you a beautiful looking USB stick with the photos on it and on top of that you receive a custom made app so you can send the photos on to family and relatives. She has different price packages in case you are interested.

Beware though she is booked up quite quickly. I think if you want to book a session now the only available slots you will get would be around September/October. That just gives you an idea how popular she is.

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