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I think it’s fair to say that we can all mention the C word now which is CHRISTMAS. I love Christmas. There is really a lot of planning going into each year. Buying Christmas pyjamas for the kids is one of the first things on the list that happens. I normally get them from Next but I actually haven’t seen any nice ones yet.

With the beginning of November we all need to start thinking what to get for the kids or other half, grandparents etc. Last year I had a Christmas Gift Guide for everyone covered including the cats. I’d like to do the same this year because it was really popular. With that, I will also start my last years linky again which will be available in a seperate post.

With no further rambling, today I have compiled a list of gifts for boys for you. These are things Matthew asked for but also things I know he will enjoy, too. You might find something your boy would enjoy so I hope this will be of help to some parents/ bloggers out there.

1. Disney Cars Mack Truck Playset

Play out your favourite scenes from the popular Disney Cars films with this action-packed Mack Truck Playset! Mack is not just a Transporter. He proudly carries Lightning McQueen to places far and wide and then parks his mega wheels and opens up to reveal multiple play areas inside, inspired by the films.
I recently reviewed this toy with my boy and he absolutely adores it. You can read more about it here to get a personal opinion on it.

Available in Smyth Toys Superstores for €29.99

2. Fireman Sam Deluxe Firestation Playset

Open up the Fireman Sam Deluxe Firestation Playset to reveal the fire fighters headquarters. Fireman Sam’s fire fighters headquarters includes a kitchen, a utility room and a turn table for Jupiter to be turned and directed out of the opening doors. (Fire engine Jupiter not included) This Fireman Sam Firestation Playset is guaranteed to give your little ones hours of fun. We already have the fire engine and Matthew is big into fires, ambulances and police cars at the moment. So I think this will give him hours of fun.

Available in Smyths Toys Superstores for €42.99

3. Crocodile Dentist

As well as playing on his own, I want Matthew to get involved in family games now that he is four. I can see this game being great fun Christmas morning and we will probably get a lot of laughter when the mouth snaps.

Nimble fingers and quick reflexes are a sure-fire way to avoid the chomp of this toothy croc! Press down on his sore tooth and watch out for his bite! If you get chomped you’re out!

Available in Smyths Toys Superstores for €12.99 at the moment

4. Playmobil City Life Ambulance with Lights and Sound

Playmobil City Life Ambulance with Lights and Sound is the ideal vehicle to get you to the scene of an emergency in a hurry! The injured patient can be carried by stretcher to the ambulance and transported to hospital while being looked after by the professionals with their supply of medical equipment.

As a child I used to play with Playmobil a lot. Matthew recently got into it too. He has gotten many toys from relatives in Germany like a boat and a police car. I have yet to teach him to take care of the small bits but he will learn eventually.

Available in Smyths Toys Superstores for €39.99

5. Bob the Builder™ R/C Super Scoop

The easy-to-use remote control vehicle lets children send Scoop racing forwards or backwards, and also operates his back bucket for cool digging action. But R/C Super Scoop has another trick in store that’s sure to astonish little builders. With the push of a button, Scoop delivers his sensational “Scoop Stand”, an incredible stunt where Scoop uses his back digger to push himself up onto his front bucket, and then lifts his body straight into the air! For even more hands-on play, kids can use Scoop’s exhaust pipe to manually lift his front bucket and activate exciting lights, sounds, and phrases featuring Bob and Scoop.

Available from Smyths Toys Superstores for €68.99

6. Monster Surgery Game

Another game where the whole family can get involved.

With this Monster Surgery Game you must operate carefully, otherwise the monster will shake suddenly! The monster is lying on the operation bed and there are 11 pieces of body parts inside the monster’s body. Players operate carefully using pair of tweezers to pick up the parts from the monster’s body without the monster trembling.

Available from Smyths Toys Superstores for €9.99

7. Blaze Monster Dome

We have a big Blaze fan in our house and now that the kids have an actual play room and we don’t step on all the toys in the living room anymore, I might actually consider getting this race track for him.

It’s Race Day at the Monster Dome and crafty Crusher will stop at nothing to beat Blaze… even if that means building a chomping Sharkbot! Will Blaze race past the shark’s mighty bite and speed on to win the race or will Crusher finally cross the finish line first? This track set can be configured into multiple layouts so race fans can recreate all the action and adventure of Blaze and the Monster Machines™! Using the two launchers, see if you can give the Monster Machines the speed and momentum they need to race around the track and perform spectacular stunts! Try to launch the trucks up the ramp and into a 360° loop or speed through the ring of fire!

Available from Smyths Toys Superstores for €39.99

Are there any toys on this list that got your attention and you might consider picking up for Christmas?

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  1. I am the other way around I have no idea what to get my daughter. She was too young for toys last year but this year I will have to get my finger out. x

  2. I have two little girls but i also have a nearly two year old nephew. I struggle with boys as i have no idea what they love but love the look of that bob the builder super scooper! I know he would love that 🙂 Thank you for the ideas
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