Christmas Gift Guide for Cats

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Don’t forget about your furry friends this festive season. I neglected mine a bit since having 2 children but I said to myself that they are allowed to come in the house again now and again because the cold weather is coming and cats do like to get cosy. After being outside for so long my cats are not even used to staying in any more and getting comfy on the couch which means I have to train them again.

Take a look at these treats for your cats, there might be something you like.

1. Shaker Scoop

This might be yet the world best litter scoop. Not only it shakes off the excess litter but it also means you don’t have to stare at the solids during disposal. Very handy in my opinion. Available on for €5.95

2. Jolly Moggy Catnip Sisal Balls

These balls are catnip scented. Cats love catnip, in fact they go crazy for it. So this toy is guaranteed to go down a treat for your cats. Available on for €3.85

3. Place Mat for Cats

A soft place mat for cats to have their dinner served on. The mat is easy cleaned and has anti slip material at the bottom. Available on for €2.50

4. Cat Princess/ Prince Ceramic Bowl Pink/ Blue

I always like to update my cats bowls every now and then. They love their food so why not treat them to a special bowl they use so often in the day. The bowl is non-slip. Available on for €7.95 each.

5. Pet Food Feeding Fork

I really love these feeding forks. At the moment we have a dedicated spoon/ fork for the cats that we won’t use any more but how cool would these be with cat paws at the end of each fork. The forks come in 3 different colour. Red beige or brown. Available on for €1.99

6. Mouse on Wheels

Self propelled toy scoots across the floor as kitty chases. This mouse is filled with cat nip to gain more interest. Pull the mouse back for it to scoot forward. Available in for €6

7. Cheese Case

This is the ultimate play station for multiple cats to enjoy together. A hidden ball inside is perfect for the curious and determined cats out there. The mouse is filled with catnip to attract cats and the gentle spring motion keeps your cat’s interest. Available on for €21.95

If you have any pets, do you treat them every now and then?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide for Cats

  1. This is a great post, we have 2 cats. I don’t usually get them anything for christmas but this year we have decided to. They are part of the family and deserve it after the pulling of hair they get all year from the babies. x

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