Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys 5+

It is that time of the year again. Everyone is currently busy running into Smyths buying what is on their kids wish list. Or if you are like me, you might be already finished. I am waiting on the main present for Chloe and then it is into wrapping it all nicely and storing it away. This year I am bringing you all sorts of gift guides again, same as last year. The first one is boys who are five years old and older.

1. Inflatable Jumbo Stormtrooper

I have recently reviewed this toy on my blog. It is aimed at children who are three years and older but my five year old still gets as much fun out of it as a three year old would. It all depends what they are into. The Stormtrooper comes with a small remote and you are able to rotate him as well as go straight. There are other characters available from the Star Wars range and they can be purchased for £29.99 from Argos.

2. Star Wars Scriball

Matthew is a passionate about his football since daddy signed him up for training a couple of weeks ago. He is always very enthusiastic about it. I have actually never come across the brand Mitre as a football brand but with a quick google it turns out, it is one of the most popular brands when it comes to football. We were recently sent a Scriball. These are available in different size. I will have full review on the blog coming up very soon. We got Size 3 which is perfect for Matthew’s age. The Star Wars themed Scriball can be coloured in with the supplied five pens. It also comes with a pump. The Scriball is available from £10 on the Mitre website.

3. Autobot Night Light

During the summer I showed off Matthew’s themed Transformers bedroom. He has been using the IKEA bedside lamp for a good few years now. It doesn’t really match his room but he likes to have the light on at night because he is scared of the dark. When I came across the Autobot light on the Littlewoods Ireland website, I simply had to purchase it. It will complete the room and the light is actually lower so it won’t shine into this eyes too much when he is asleep. If you have a little Transformers lover, then you can buy this light on the Littlewoods Ireland website for €25.

4. LEGO Junior Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher

Matthew is slowly getting into LEGO. He has received a lot of it for his birthday and he now has his own box in the playroom dedicated to LEGO… up high of course so his little sister can’t reach it. He is getting really good at following the instructions page by page.  CARS is one of his favourite movies and of course he has seen the newest one when it came out. When I saw this cool Lightning McQueen speed launcher, I simply had to pick it up. It’s available in Smyths Toystore for only €9.99.

5. Air Hockey 

This is an all time favourite game of ours, particularly when we are on holidays. There is one in the local play centre as well and Matthew has to have a go each time. I think he will be delighted to see this under the Christmas tree.  It only require two batteries which you can pick up at the check out in Smyths when purchasing this game. Available for €19.99.

6. Junior Goal Set

With a football you also require a goal. We are lucky to have a big enough garden with high brick walls to play football in. I didn’t wanna buy a big goal because something like that only belongs onto a proper football field in my opinion and it’s too big for him anyway. These junior goals are suited for kids from the age of five and they also come with a standard football and pump. Available in Smyths for €23.99 (on sale at the moment).

7. Transformers Robots in Disguise Jigsaw

Matthew loves doing puzzles. I probably have to buy him a challenging one because he is so good at them. He has been asking me for a Transformers one and luckily I found one on Amazon for only €8.

8. LEGO Classic Brick Box

And last but not least another LEGO related item. This is more for his imagination. He likes to follow the book but this is good for him to come up with all sorts of things. I ended up buying the smaller version of this and not the big brick box one, just in case he doesn’t like it. Start him off small. If you are buying the brick box one, it is available in Smyths for €34.99 (on sale at the moment)

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  1. The jumbo Stormtrooper looks fab! Finn would be all over that and I am getting Finn a lego brick box this year too it’s nice to not only do sets all the time like you said keep their imagination flowing and let them be creative!

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