Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls 3+

If you haven’t come across my latest post already, you are now able to link up all your Christmas Gift Guide related posts to the linky me and AK setup this morning. The linky will be open until 20th December. The idea of it is to give other people ideas for their own kids and it’s so much easier to have it in one place and click from one gift guide to another. The next gift guide from  me is for the girls this time.

1. Heritage Playset Sunflower Cottage

A little girls dream to have her own dolls house in her room. I have been looking for the perfect dolls house for Chloe. She absolutely loves playing with dolls. If you want to be her best friend, just buy her a doll. My vision was to have a nice dolls house at the end of her bed she can play with in the morning, during the day, whenever she fancies. I found this cottage on the BigJigsToys website and it also includes the accessories. That’s the reason why I think the price is okay. Wooden toys just seems to be the best and most durable. RRP £129.99

2. Lottie Doll Set

As Chloe is so big into dolls, we picked up a Lottie Doll in Wicklow town in the Toymaster the other weekend. She picked it herself which means she will get this one from mammy and daddy on Christmas Eve rather than from Santa. Lottie Dolls is an Irish owned company and they do some really nice dolls Chloe picked the Pandora one which wears the cat hat and you can buy the accessories with it which is the cat and the food for the cat. It’s really cute I have to say. Lottie Doll is €19.95 and the accessories are €9.95.

3. Toddle Bike

Probably the best thing we ever got to review and I would recommend this Toddlebike to all toddlers out there who are not able for the balance bike yet. It is aimed at toddlers from the age of 18 months but to be honest when Chloe received it, she was just over two years old and she just about managed. She is flying around on it now. She has to take it with her every time we are going for a walk. It can’t be left at home. RRP £23.95. Though for my readers, Toddlebike is kindly offering you a 10% discount. Just put in the code Blog17 at checkout.

4. Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

Chloe got the IKEA kitchen from Santa last year. Everyone household that his this kitchen, knows how much it can store. She has plush vegetables, spoons, cups, pans etc. The only thing she is missing in her kitchen is a toaster, kettle and coffee machine. I can see her having hours of fun with this Christmas morning. Available in Smyths for €14.99 (currently on offer)

5. Keyboard

This was a last minute add onto Chloe’s Christmas wish list. Hubby noticed that she is playing with this quite a lot in creche. In fact I see Matthew playing with it too before we leave. It comes with a stool as well and a microphone. It’s more on the noisy side of things but we haven’t really had any noise toys in the house for a few years. Apart from that giant floor piano they can step on! Available in Smyths for €36.99.

6. Peppa Pig Bathtime Boat

If you have been following my blog over the last couple of months, you will know Chloe has become quite obsessed with Peppa Pig. Bathtime can be a hit and miss with her sometimes. Some night she hates to get in, other time she doesn’t want to get out. We do need to upgrade the bath toys again though. To start with, I picked up this cool boat. Available in Smyths for €17.99 (currently on offer)

7. Peppa Pig Medical Case

Another Peppa Pig related toy. I have come across this one day when Chloe was having a play date with her little friend in her house. It’s a medical case with pretend medication, tweezers, nurse hat and much much more. Again this is great for pretend play which Chloe absolutely loves. Available in Smyths for €11.99 (currently on offer)

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  1. I love the look of the Lottie dolls no more bright pink and just a normal cute looking little doll! MM is having 2 of them but I am keeping them till her 4th birthday in Feb!

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