Christmas Shopping has started

You wouldn’t believe it but today I have actually officially started my Christmas Shopping.
Last night hubby and me sat down to work out the list of things to get for Matthew and what we want for ourselves.
So I spent the evening in town picking up most presents for hubby in one go. Good thing about buying the presents this early is, that there is so many things half price. Could be a complete different story in 3 weeks time. I find it quite hectic as well. At least this way I have it off my list and I can concentrate on our stuff.

Last night we have ordered our Christmas PJ’s.
Where else would you pick these up other than Next. Look at the cuteness.



I went for the Robin pyjamas which are €30. This is actually the first Christmas we all wear Christmas PJ’s. I have never even thought about it in the past.
For Matthew I picked these cute little Reindeer ones. They are €14 – 21 depending on the size you need for your little one.
Daddy wanted Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer. This is €28.

The reason why I went with Next PJ’s is because they are so good quality and will last a while. I could have easily bought Primark pyjamas but I am kind of off that shop now because the clothes get out of shape so quickly.

Do you wear Christmas Pyjamas in your house? Have you started the Christmas shopping yet?

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