Crocodile Snap – Mini Games by Orchard Toys

When traveling with children, whether that’s in the car, on the airplane or on a train, entertainment is quite an important point. When Orchard Toys got in touch to review one of their new mini games which were only launched recently, I was more than happy to try them out

crocodile snap

Orchard toys have a selection of 6 new mini games which are perfect for on the go. Each box fits perfect into your hand luggage. The following mini games are available to purchase:

• Dinosaur Dominoes
• Little Bus Lotto
• Jungle Snakes & Ladders
• Build a Beetle
• Penguin Pairs
• Crocodile Snap

I chose to review Crocodile Snap. Just like the name says, this game is based on the traditional game Snap.  It features 32 colourful animals that you need to match by shouting “snap”. However when the player sees a match of the crocodile, they need to snap their arms instead. Each animal is not an ordinary animal. For example the elephant is a mechanic, the monkey is drinking tea, the crocodile is a super hero and the snake is having cocktails. Orchard Toys is definitely making sure to bring fun to the game for all children. The cards are thick and robust which is great for little hands.




Crocodile Snap develops matching and memory skills, personal and social skills. It also encourages observational skills. It’s perfect for children at the age of 3 to 8 years.

Matthew really enjoys the game. There has never been a game he didn’t enjoy from Orchard Toys. He asks to play with any of the games we have daily. The best thing he likes about Crocodile Snap is when he gets a pair and has to shout “Snap”.

Retail price of the game is £4.99 which I personally think is very reasonable.

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