Day 11 of Blogging Christmas



I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of the Blogging Christmas challenge. Which means Christmas is nearly here. (For me a day earlier, as we do both traditions)

On Day 11 of the challenge it is all about “Holiday Decorations”. I kinda shared these with you a few blog post before already but I have added some more since. You can see the other ones in this blog post.

Let’s start off with the special ornaments on the Christmas Tree. Apart from the red and silver baubles…

2014-23-12--20-37-36This Santa ornament with Matthew’s name on it has been going on the tree since he was born and he spent his first Christmas with us.


Matthew made this Christmas tree in creche along with a few other ornaments. I think it just adds that extra touch to the Christmas tree having your child’s own crafts on it.


Matthew received this train from his grandparents at his first Christmas,



We normally don’t put anything on top of the tree. This angel was made by Matthew in creche and I think it deserved a spot on top of the tree.



Every year we have a garland hanging on the stairs. The lights on it seem to go a lot so this year I decided to buy battery operated lights from Penneys/Primark. So much handier.2014-23-12--20-50-34

2014-23-12--20-51-47I purchased this Santa sack from Zulily¬†earlier this year. It has all the presents in it (except for the big ones that don’t fit and can’t be wrapped like the kitchen ie.) Isn’t it gorgeous?


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