Day 3 of Blogging Christmas


Apologies to all my bloggers. I had to skip yesterdays challenge because we’ve been traveling the whole day to see Santa this morning.

Anyway, today is “Christmas memories“.
I would like to start off with my own Christmas memories as a child.

Christmas in Germany was always very special. My mum and my grandparents gathered together downstairs for tea and cake every Christmas eve. We all lived in the same house. After the cake Santa came in the door with his big sack full of presents. He left it at the door and my mum used to get it and say “Santa’s been”. Like every child I was scared too of the man with the long beard.


This is me Christmas Eve 11 months old. I was a little chubby one for sure.


This is the following year so I am nearly 2. Look at the cuteness on that dress.

Now that I have my own family it’s nice to share the same kind of traditions. Matthew is yet too young to understand but next year will be a different story. I am looking forward to that.

Our first Christmas together as a family was lovely.


Matthew was only 4 months old. I remember this photo very well and it’s actually so funny. He looked so adorable in his Christmas outfit on the play mat but unfortunately it didn’t last too long. The good old baby poo poo up the back.  At least he wore it for the moment when this picture was taken.


Christmas was also the time Matthew had his first taste of food which was baby rice. He wasn’t too impressed with it though.


Our second Christmas together last year was a bit more adventurous considering Matthew was actually able to play with his toys and get around on his knees. The Christmas tree held up anyway and he wasn’t too bothered about it. He got far too many toys. I definitely limited it this year.

Let’s see what this year’s Christmas brings. Any funny moments I wonder.

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